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Gateshead locksmith service 07525639943
Gateshead locksmith service 07525639943

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Locksmithing as a career

Posted by enquiries@aloneinthedarkentertainment.com on January 4, 2016 at 9:55 AM

Locksmithing as a career change!

Steve once found himself in a job that ate up his life, time with the family was no existent, he was depressed, overworked, over weight, under paid and struggling to pay his way in life. He knew that something had to change! There had to be a better way of living!

Above; Steve today, 9 stone lighter and loving life, surfing and living!

Becoming a locksmith is not an easy feet, you need some natural skill and with the right tools and training locks will open up a world of freedom to lots of highly paid work and a fantastic wage.

I don’t want to go in to how much you can earn although it can be 3 – 4 times the average persons monthly wage for about half the hours. See locksmithing is lucrative but it’s also rewarding on different levels.

Most just get in to it to make money fast but others do it so they can have a life.

See Steve our head locksmith spends most of his days surfing, Bushcrafting and living life. Steve left his job as a graphic designer as he was working 18+ hour days, 7 days a week, through nights meeting deadlines, sitting in trafic for £24.000 a year and he knew they had to be an easier way, he had no time for his family or friends and his health was diminishing rapidly due to eating junk and drinking energy drinks to keep up with work loads, having no time to cook and eating the wrong foods late at night, see Steve had become a slave to the system, his laptop and office, working pay check to pay check, no time to go to the gym or enjoy his past time as a surfer.

We all end up like this as work dominates our life to keep up with paying the bills but Steve decided that this was not the way he wanted to live and after a shock about his health, the fact he had become obese through working and not exorcising it gave him a wakeup call. Steve looked at many things; his new career had to meet his needs in life, so he sat down and wrote down what he needed.

• A wage of £2000 a month or more would be nice :)

• Time with my family for movie nights and holidays

• Time to go to the gym, get fitter and enjoy life while I am still young


• Pick a career in something I will enjoy doing

• Have Monday off while everyone rushes to work, I need to sleep in!

• Have more time for the kids!

• Have time to do nice things for my wife!


Steve remembered something has grandpa would tell him as a young lad, he once said, “Son to make money in this life, all you have to do is find that one thing everyone needs or already has and needs it fixing or replacing! He often said, everyone has cars, so start a car tire business, he said everyone needs water so sell water or be like me son and become a locksmith as everyone since the ancient Romans needs locks opening, replacing and upgrading” So Steve got to thinking a locksmith as its one of the oldest trades in the world and a dying trade and his family trade but he had always looked down on the trade as a labour style job, that he never wanted to do, believe the office environment was a better option but after he spent thousands of his cash on training and tools with different locksmithing companies he finally set about making a locksmith company, he had the skills, he had the training but he had no customers. The he decided that setting up a website would help but that was a further £3000, see the website company advertised a website for £350 but by the time he had everything he needed to get found online the price of becoming a locksmith was over £14000 and he paid it, he took a chance.

Steve attended a seminar on sales where a business man said “you can be a talker and talk about how you are going to do this or that or you can be a doer and actually do it, a doer does not talk about it they do it” so Steve realised he needed to become a doer and he did, he took that leap and now he owns Taylors Locksmiths, taking on the family business and with a new direction Steve set about crating his future. Within the first year he had doubled his expectations, a few bumps and quite weeks other weeks boomed but once Steve found his flow he realised that he did not have to worry when the phone did not ring every day as it would eventually ring and it did mostly on a weekend night time on lockouts where he was been paid double time, once he become accustom to working by his phone he realised he had so much spare time during the week he could sleep in each day, go surfing when the waves came, he started Yoga and swimming and amazingly lost 9 stone in weight.

Above: Steve with Grant from Newcastle Harley Davidson buying his frist Haley at £28.000

He bought a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, paid his mortgage off by age 34 and has since owned a further 3 Harleys and £90.000 Range Rover.

Since then Steve has become a locksmith instructor he has a team of 19 locksmiths working his area, 6 franchises in the UK and Spain, but he now teaches people how do what he did, it changed his life and could change yours too!

See the cash is a bonus but the real achievement is not the bank balance but the freedom to be with family and friends, the freedom to where no one but you controls your life, your day and the limited time we have on this earth!

If you would like to become a locksmith, then contact us today and speak to us about your future.

We have locksmith training from as little as £99 or business packages from £1200 - £1500 for a full business package, tools, website, training, clothing, office equipment and much more.

Contact us today, ask questions and find out how you can do the same! 


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