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Beginner Locksmith Training Course | Locksmith Training Northeast | Gateshead | Newcastle | Sunderland | Durham | Yorkshire 

Beginners Locksmith Training Course
Locksmith Course Details 

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead run a range of training courses in becoming a locksmith and our beginners’ locksmith course provides a starting point for newcomers to the industry through to existing locksmiths who want to learn new skills or update their knowledge.

Our beginners’ courses include a 2 day foundation module level 1 which is perfect for those with no experience in the industry – learn how to work on upvc, open and fit locks, open safes and how locks work.

  • One to One Training
  • Beginner Tool Kit
  • Practice Locks to Take Home and Keep!
  • 3 best selling eBooks on Locksmithing

  • Easy to watch video archive access 

Day One Training For Beginners
The Fundamentals of Locksmith Work 

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead makes sure that day one builds your foundation in the locksmith industry as we look at each aspect of each lock, braking down how the actual locks work with fact sheets and easy to watch videos that you can access any time after the the course.

On day one you will meet your one to one locksmith instructor and see around the lock lab and training house and undertake our introduction to locksmith skills then we will actually be starting with the most common and easiest locks we come across on the UK market as we explore the insides of each lock getting to know each locks weakness and how to defeat that lock. We will cover 2 modules on day 1  in our lock lab and by the end of day 1 we will have you opening safes, cash boxes and padlocks to crucifix locks, uPVC windows, Garage doors to shop shutters plus so much more.

You will also receive your training pack which will contain our 3 best selling eBooks on lock picking to locksmith business setup along with your beginner locksmith tool kit and practice lock set and a lock vice so you can set up a small lock lab at home and practice your skill sets. We make sure our practice locks are both a mix of see through training aids to used locks, some will have errors for yo to detect such as pin 3 could be missing or stuck to snapped keys in locks that have glue in them to so many other aids you will get to keep as part of this course.

  • One to One Training (no others take up your paid time, asl as many questions as you like)
  • Beginner Tool Kit worth £180
  • Practice Locks and aids to Take Home and Keep! Worth £120
  • 3 best selling eBooks on Locksmithing worth £30
  • Easy to watch video archive access worth £499
  • No written content our tests on this course! 

The Fundamentals of Locksmith Work 

On day two we will be starting off back in the lock lab as we explore the mighty pin cylinder, looking at all aspects of how they work, how to pick pin cylinders dealing with rapid entry to single pin picking for beginners before moving on to advanced high security dimple pin cylinders and taking a look at other forms of entry to doors that use pin cylinder locks.

Once you have completed your pin cylinder module we will then take a look at the training doors as we expand your knowledge of the euro profile shape, looking at the central gearboxes and mechanisms, how to remove them and identifying the most common basic issues relating to these mechanisms.

By the afternoon we will have moved on to our wooden door lock module as we start to explore the lever lock along with information about drilling and milling, picking to bypassing before putting it into practice and then exploring the law and what is required of a locksmith. You will take your new skill sets to the training door and practice your entry skills. 

You will finish the day with rim cylinder locks and dead locks as we bypass and look at how they work and common faults. 

By the end of day to you will have undertaken 6 modules of locksmith skills. You will be able to open upvc doors, wooden doors and safes to garage doors, padlocks and much more. 

Book today for one to one training for only £650 for both days and all 6 modules PLUS FREE bonus of our business advice package! .

Beginner Tool Kit

You will receive a beginner locksmith tool kit, picks, bypass tools plus more on this course worth £180

Practice Lock Set

You will receive a set of practice locks and a lock vice to create your own lock lab worth £120.

eBook Set and Videos

You will receive all 3 eBooks along with access to our master locksmith video archive worth £499

Every Lock in the UK!

Pin Cylinders, Rim cylinders, euros, ovals, shutter locks, plus much more!

  • Understanding pin cylinders
  • Picking pin cylinders 
  • Lock bumping 
  • Lock slipping 
  • Snapping pulling 
  • Wafer locks and Jiggling
  • Understanding wafer locks
  • Picking wafer locks raking
  • Mortise locks
  • Understanding mortise locks
  • Picking, bypassing, fitting, skeleton keys
  • Padlocks to tubular locks and any other specialist locks currently on the UK market

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors such as mortise locks, dead locks, sash locks, rim cylinders, handles and more!
  • Gaining entry
  • Servicing and Repair 
  • Skeleton keys and Master Keys
  • Changing mortise locks
  • Changing rim cylinders
  • Changing night latches
  • Common issues and Diagnostics 
  • Bypassing and slipping locks
  • Picking and lever lifting 
  • Sizing and technical information 
  • Basic DIY, chisel work, drilling and other forms of wood work related to fitting and replacing.

Business Advice 

  • Website 
  • Social marketing
  • Advertising
  • Target customers etc.
  • Van and van stock requirements
  • Advice on stock levels
  • Introduction to suppliers
  • Plus letters of course completion
  • Guild of Master Locksmith Award Certificate 
  • Steven J Taylors best selling locksmith eBook on how to setup a locksmith business with easy to follow assignments. 
  • Free business advice after the course completes, such as tenders, contacts and best course of action.

Pricing and Information 

Beginner Locksmith Training Course

6 Module Course to a level 1 

Course Length 2 Days (Local accommodation click here)

Total Price: see new website

Deposit: see new website

Final Balance: see new website

Location: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. 1 Mile from Newcastle city centre NE9 5PQ. 

Award: Guild of Master Locksmith UK Level 1 award in 6 modules. 

Visit our training website for more courses and Information www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk

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