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Gateshead locksmith service 07525639943 Taylors Locksmiths, Gateshead Locksmith Service

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Taylor's Locksmiths, The Family Locksmiths since 1948

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Locksmiths Gateshead 

Taylors locksmiths have served the Tyne and Wear area since 1948. Gateshead Locksmiths originally started when John Taylor left the army where he worked on safes and safe cracking, when he came out of the military he started selling safes to local shops and fitting home locks as times were lean and people sadly took to crime after the 2nd world war, the old days of been able to leave your doors unlocked had gone and a new time had arrived in Gateshead Tyne and Wear and we first opened our small shop on the High street in Gateshead to offer the first Locksmiths in Gateshead in 1948

Taylors Locksmiths 1970s logo Gateshead

Taylor & Son served the area since but in the 1990s we went mobile as larger companies moved in so we started to work from our locksmith vans as we no longer needed a shop front. 

The image of the logo is our logo in the 1970s.

locksmiths Gateshead

Now Taylor’s Locksmiths Gateshead operate a full mobile locksmith’s service in Gateshead, Newcastle, Jarrow, Washington, Springwell, Sunderland and Durham. Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead service is available throughout the Tyne and Wear area 24 hours each day 365 days each year. We used to only cover Gateshead but now we can cover the whole Tyne and Wear area. locksmiths Gateshead

old locksmith vans 1980s Gateshead, Taylor and Sons since 1948

Our first vans back in the late 1970s when Taylors was on West Street in Gateshead now where argos stands. 

Today we are mobile locksmith in Gateshead Tyne and Wear and still offer a 24 hour call out but now we have locksmiths based all around the Northeast. 

If you need a locksmith in Gateshead with a real history then contact Taylors locksmiths today, we can give you a no obligation quote over the phone for any locksmith work.  locksmiths Gateshead

We have a full emergency locksmith service in Gateshead Tyne and Wear and can offer low prices with quality work, our auto locksmith service in Gateshead starts at just £29.99 and £19.99 for our basic home locksmith or £29.99 for basic business Locksmiths Gateshead service.

Locksmiths Gateshead offer many locksmith services such as UPVC door locks changed and upgraded, mortise locks changed and upgraded along with fitting of night latches, chains and peep holes. We also fit letter boxes, letter box guards, security door chains and we also fit window locks, patio door locks and we offer a full locksmith service such as key cutting, lock opening, lock picking and lock changes.

Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead won’t be beet on price, so if you speak to anther locksmith, let us know who and at what price and we will beat the price for you.

When it comes to our Locksmiths Gateshead service we aim to be with you within the hour, normally within 30 minutes as long as you’re in Gateshead. It’s still within the hour outside of Gateshead.

Locksmiths Gateshead services are one of the best for service, quality, customer care and prices. We are sick of hearing about most of the bad locksmiths ripping people off, charging £120 plus for a squirt of WD40. You should be able to trust your local locksmith and have a locksmith that’s there when you need us the most.

Like our old Grandpa said, "son you can make allot of money fast and rip off the customer, but mark my words you will never see them again. Or you can charge the right price first time and become a family locksmith and serve generations of that family" Our Grandpa was not wrong, today we work on customers locks that go back 3 and 4 generations. 

Locksmiths Gateshead serving the Gateshead area since 1948, a name you can trust. Taylor & Son's locksmith service or today we are known as Gateshead Locksmith Service - Taylors Locksmiths..

Gateshead Locksmiths cover the whole of Gateshead, Felling, Deckham, Carr Hill, Sheriff Hill, Low Fell, Allerdene, Eighton Banks, Birtley, Heworth, Leam Lane, Bensham, Saltwell, Dunston, Whickham, Righton, Blaydon.