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Locksmith Businesses courses in Newcastle offer the UK's only full locksmith business setup courses, this is where you do all the locksmith training but you also do full business training, we build you a state of the art website both on desktop and mobile devices  and on Google with exceptional search engine rankings along with supplying the right tools to do the job. We also offer a full online course so once you have completed our courses you can keep the content fresh by rewatching the videos on each subject along with reading our ebooks created on business and locksmithing along with much more. Blow you will find our budget locksmith course that costs just £1200 for everything or you can check out our full Master Locksmith Business course which includes so much more with a full website build, 7 to 14 weeks of training and much more. 

Our Locksmith Business Courses and prices.

Each course is different and each course is aimed at locksmithing for profit as a business to create an income from the course, we have created these following courses that work for each price range and really depend on what you have to spend on training with our lowest priced course just stating at £1200 for the business package and up to £2999 for the Master Locksmith courses where we are on hand 24 hours each day for online website issues to actually attending your jobs and assisting you.

Our Budget Locksmith course is set around 5 main weeks, with around 2 days per week as you train as a locksmith, we include your tools, training aids and we can include a stock package. This course includes a online business setup plus your logos and adverting art work to further online training with our online video archive and eBooks. 

Locksmith Budget Business Course from £1200 with tools, stock and online business! 

Taylors Locksmith Budget Business Course is an entry level starter business package aimed to get a new locksmith up and running and earning money that they can later invest in long term items such as better tools to a van and uniform. This course is designed to get you up and running within 5 days either taken in a row over as in 9am till 4pm then 6pm till 10pm for 5 days or 2 to 5 weeks long based on 2 days per week, while your training with a master locksmith we will have a new logo and brand designed along with a full social media build, thats all your custom logos and headers to make each page look professional along with a full business listing setup on Google and much more. You will also get our online business access package where you can learn at home about bookkeeping, sales and customer to getting more customers through email marketing.You will also get access to our online locksmith training course.

This course also includes a locksmith business start up tool kit, these should last you a long time but they are budget tools and as you make money you can invest in better tools that will make life and your job easier but these tools will learn you allot, there is no gimmick rubbish, no pick guns or any kind of con tools, these are just budget versions on what we use to help keep the price lower. 

Once your have earned the money to help build the business up over the 6 months of more from completing the course you can then have a professional website created which you can get built through Taylors Locksmith with Blue Reef Designs who specialise in locksmith websites. You will get a discount on any website built plus full training on how to use it if you wish. This would be separate from this course and is at additional cost. 

The Locksmith Budget Course Includes 

  • Full locksmith training on commercial and residential locks found in the UK along with basic safes. You will learn all aspect of UPVC servicing to lock out issues and forced entry along with picking and bypassing locks plus much more. 
  • Full business training on pricing up work, how to get work, how to use social media as a business to get customers and paid work along with a full admin pack for invoicing, terms and conditions and legal training plus home insurance training and specifications. 
  • Full graphics package where we will create a professional logo that can be used on workwear, vans or anywhere you wish to use it along with a free business card design so you can get as many business cards printed as you wish using a professional design.
  • Full social media build which includes custom logos and branding that can be used over all online networks along with custom page design and headers in your companies colours with advertising and pricing.
  • A full budget locksmith tool kit, this is the same kit we use but its a budget version, such as our lock picks cost £170 you set will cost £30, so they are not cheap rubbish, they have to be able to do the job and earn you money but as you grow you can invest in better kit and tools. 
  • Full legal training on all legal aspects of locksmithing and the UK law to make sure you don't end up in jail or leave someone homeless by fitting the wrong locks and they could lose everything due to voiding there home insurance.

The Locksmith Budget Course Information

Length of course: This course takes a total of 10 days with our master locksmith based on 2 days per weeks but you will have further training at home to do, this helps keep the price down as we are basically taking a 10 day advanced course and getting this course finished in 5 days by doing double days or 5 weeks by doing 2 days per week. While your working on the training and opening doors our website building company will be creating your logos and social sites so once your ready you can make them live and start to find business.

Start and End Times: This course starts at 10.30am till 4pm each day for 10 days in a row or spread over 5 weeks, two days each week..This allows you time to practice and learn at home and then fine tune when your in our lock lab with the master locksmith who will give you homework each session. 

Training Info: This course is one 2 one unless you wish to have more than one person trained such as a business partner or family member. All training for this course takes place in our lock lab and on a real home, due to this been a budget course you will not attend any live jobs due to the length and time restraints along with pricing restraints of the course.

Pricing for the course: This course cost £1200 total, we do require a deposit of £200 and the final balance due on the day of the course. .

The Locksmith Budget Business Course Training

Above Russell Tate who took this course and now runs Bedlington Locksmiths started with nothing and in just over a year with hard work he now has a van, reguler work and during december turned over almost £10.000 in the month but not every month is like this. Russell really went out and found his place and worked hard to get to where he is but it all started on our course..  Below, Russells van on a shout at Boots chemist.

Visit Bedlington Locksmiths Facebook and see what Russell is up to. 
Taylors Locksmith have been proudly training locksmiths since 1981 on a apprentice based courses where you learn one 2 one with a master locksmith and trainer on real locks and a real home along with training in your lock lab which acts as a base to work from and perfect your skills. In our lock labs we have every lock that you can find on the UK and European market along with a variation of Australian and American locks for locksmiths that want to immigrate and find work in alternative countries. 

You will be trained all aspects of locksmith for profit as a actual business, many locksmith trainers who offer training offer no more than what we believe is gimmick training,such as opening locks with pen tops, we see this style on youtube videos and we simply don't do most of the rubbish taught in the field, also we will cover the right tools to use on the job as most are selling their own gimmick tools that you just don't need and are expensive. We refer to show you alternatives and how to make your own tools on the job.

Your locksmith training will take place on a real home with a mixture of door styles where you will practice each skill, we have practice doors for forced entry work and if we can we will get you out in a live shout or call out to experience the real deal but it is not part of this course due to the time restraints so we can't promise this but we will give it a go. By the time you have completed the course in the 4 days set out either in a row or over 2 to 4 weeks your training won't end there, see we also offer you access to the master locksmith video archive to watch each lesson again some you wont of covered as they are in the full master locksmith course which takes 7 tp 14 weeks to complete along with a free call up or online training if you need any further help, we can also train you online over the internet, this could be for something simple like you have changed a setting on asocial media page or you need help creating a email blast to working on a lock on a job and you could be stuck and need help. We offer free video calling for this issues with our 6 month aftercare program to help you on your way plus much more. .  

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