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Locksmith Business Solutions | Locksmith Website Building | Locksmith Logo Design | Locksmith Business Training | Locksmith S.E.O 

Taylors Locksmith Academy’s low cost locksmith solutions offer existing locksmith businesses or new locksmiths a host of strategies, training and platforms to expand your business in the locksmithing sector.

Whether your have been trained as a locksmith by another provider or you an existing business that needs a new identity, maybe you’re not making any income or low income due to not been able to find a customer base due to poor website rankings.

This where we can excel in our knowledge by creating low cost locksmith solutions to fix your locksmith issues in a failing business that’s not working or is not turning over what it should. We know our locksmith industry with over 70 years of experience in the locksmithing sector,

We know marketing, graphics and logo design, image and branding, web solutions such as online strategies and S.E.O rankings, SEO marketing and much more. Whatever it is that you need we can develop the perfect solution for your locksmith business.

Locksmith Business Managment Training | Locksmith Business | Gateshead 3 Day Course -  £999

There are so many locksmith training providers in the UK currently selling the dream of owning your own locksmith business but all they actually train you in is how to locksmith then you’re left and fail at it the business side or struggle as you have no business background in locksmithing and no idea what to do for the best.

This is where this course steps in as a locksmith business solution that will take you through every aspect of running a locksmith business. You will learn everything from marketing strategy planning, S.E.O campaigns and how to rank on the first page of Google, website building and maintenance of your website. We will look at current website and give it a face lift as and where we can or even look at re-branding, photo shoots and changing your image to working on your pricing, offers and even where you buy your stock.

We can also advise on insurance, book keeping and legal with training from £999.99 with bespoke solutions for each business.

Locksmith S.E.O Markiting | Build Your Locksmith Business | FREE Locksmith SEO | S.E.O Training, 1 Day - £499.99

If you have to ask what SEO is as an online business then you’re not doing online business at all and you need to take this course. 

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results which when done correctly can create an untapped revenue stream for your locksmith business. 

Think of your website like a shop front on City Street, if you’re down a back lane in the middle of nowhere then you will get no footfall but you will get cheap rent until your business fails and you go bust. 

Think of SEO as a high street shop in a busy area with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people are walking past every few seconds looking for a specific shop, your shop sadly your down a back lane and no one can find you! 

But the guy on the high street who knows SEO will be either business smart and attracted his mass crowd by been placed just right as on the first page of Google or the other guy over the road that’s paying through the nose to have people visit his shop who is also SEO dumb but has a large bank balance but could save all his money if he knew how to achieve a high SEO score. 

Either way you’re still loosing as you have no clue how to get that customer to your shop unless you pay high end price each month to get the footfall through the door. 

Well I am here to train you in SEO marketing, to put you on that front street with all that footfall and you never have to pay anyone a regular monthly or weekly SEO marketing fee to stay there as we do this organically and naturally, teaching you how to achieve this with hands on training, online training and actually showing you how to rank with SEO online taking your website from the back lane to the road of success. 

SEO courses start from just £500 which is one week or days SEO via Google Addwords.

Locksmith Website Build | Learn Website Building | Locksmith Branding | Locksmith SEO | Training | Gateshead

So many new businesses such as locksmith businesses start with free websites, they make a website at home that looks poor, performs poor and has no ranking as they don’t understand how vital this is to a online business.

We can create the perfect solution by creating you a locksmith brand, image and design with the best in website creation for the locksmithing business with eye catching images, easy to find content with naturally high SEO rankings.

We can create you a bespoke locksmith logo and business identity that could change your life by bringing in new customers each day.

Speak to one of our web developers about a new website build, your budget and we can get you online and seen from £999.99 with unlimited pages, full website building training so its not just us building you a website, we will train you in building websites, updating your site, SEO rankings, marketing and brand awareness along with analytics, in-depth business reviews of online performance and much more.