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Emergency Locksmith Gateshead

Locksmith School Near Me |Master Locksmiths Business Start up | New Locksmith Business | Setting up a Locksmith Business in the UK | Locksmith Training |How much money do locksmiths make? |  Train to be a Locksmith | Gateshead | Newcastle | Sunderland | Northeast | England

Our Master  locksmith apprenticeship and business package training Course Level 3 is designed to give you hands on experience in using all the tools of the trade, along with full locksmith skills for all locks from residential to business and basic auto locksmith skills. You will focus on UPVC and wood doors looking at all types of locks commonly found in the EU and other countries. Along with learning all of the skills needed to become a skilled master locksmith you will also be trained in sales, cross sales and up selling of locks, services and goods. 

You will also cover customer care and voice modulation to help you win an appointment over the phone by asking the right questions. We will cover all the administration side of the job and you will get a copy of all paper work templates on disc along with full terms of service and terms and conditions which cost up to £1200 to have created by a solicitor for your new company but you will also receive this as part of the course along with a locksmith tool bag, full set of quality lock picks in a leather case, a set of locksmith keys, a set of new business cards for your business, a locksmith ID badge and lanyard and a qualification certificate to state you have carried out a full course on locksmith skills. You will also receive a list of locksmith trade only websites for low cost locks and equipment to help you make profit.

We will also have a 6 page locksmith website with a custom URL and email address created for you and a new high resolution logo created that will be saved on a hard disk so you can have the image embroidered, copied to images and printed. We will also SEO boost your website to help with Google, Yahoo and Bing ratings which will help with business. This by itself is worth over £2500 for the website and SEO, the logo design is worth over £150 if bought separately.

The best part is the locksmith training will last 7 days but our advice will last forever, we will walk with you throuigh your new business start up and for 24 months after the training we will be on the other end of the phone and there for any further training needed via text, video calling, phone call, email or in person with 2 FREE emergency call-outs in our locksmith training school areas..

Master Locksmith, The Locksmiths Skill Sets |  Become a Locksmith |  Locksmithing School

  • lock picking 101
  • Locksmith skill sets
  • Types of locks
  • Understanding how locks work
  • Locksmithing level 1
  • Locksmithing level 2
  • MasterLocksmithing level 3
  • UPVC doors and windows
  • Gearbox how to
  • Composit door locks and issues
  • How to service UPVC
  • Lock picking Euro locks UPVC
  • Lock picking sylinder Locks
  • Latch locks, fitting and opening
  • Lock opening mortise locks
  • Mortise lock repair, upgrades
  • Mortise lock picking
  • Mortise overlift and making wires
  • Lock picking padlocks
  • Cobination locks opening
  • Tools and how to use them
  • Lock pulling and snapping
  • Safes and cash boxes
  • Letter box opening and forced entry
  • Basic wood work skills Level 1
  • Lock pulling pros and cons
  • Customer care skills
                      • Sales skills
                      • Office admin 101
                      • New website how to use it
                      • SEO  how to (Get found on Google) Level 1
                      • Design of logo and brand
                      • Lock ordering and sizing
                      • Personal meet of wholesaler
                      • Full trade accounts setup
                      • On the job training
                      • Real homes, real ,locks
                      • 2 FREE refresher days!
                      • 24 Hour call if you ever need us!
                      • Full aftercare program!
                      • Split the course over 7 weeks
                      • See the kind of money you can earn
                      • plus much more...

                      Locksmiths Business, The Business side!

                      One of the most vital parts of your new business is been able to run it corectly, you can be the worlds best locksmith but if you cant get found by a customer you dont get paid! But when you do get found you need to be orginised and know what your doing with all of your admin. Well dont stress as we will cover every part of your business setup and the make sure we give you guidence for a further 6 months!

                      • Business Managment Level 1
                      • Customer care skills level 1
                      • Sales skills
                      • Admin 101
                      • Basic website design and how to
                      • Level 1 in S.E.O for Google and Yahoo (Get found)
                      • Design of logo and brand image
                      • Lock ordering and sizing, contacts
                      • plus much more...

                      We also supply your work Polo T-shirt, ID badge, business cards, business calculator, work file, business diary, full business website and the keys to business success!

                      Your Locksmith Website Build For Your New Locksmiths Business!

                      We also build a fully integrated professional style website that will instantly win points with you new customers. It’s vital and we mean vital that you have an exceptional website as the first impression is the difference between  £1000 week turnovers to £80 a week slumps. Skimping on your website is the worst thing you can do because without it you don’t have a business.

                      We will be working closely with you to understand you and your style but we know what works from the customers first point of contact using the correct colour scheme to help you sell with a gentle mix of psychology in our style pallet that will allow them to trust you and want to buy from you. With our website team we can create the best website for your business.

                      We will be working hard on logo design to represent your professional approach that will work on receipts and letter heads along with your works van and company branding.

                      You brand image will be defined and created along with photos of you working on actual locks which we will use on your website and business promotion.

                      As part of a modern day business we will also be creating you a full social media business section and teaching you how to use all of these new ways to capture new clients and customers through facebook, twitter and youtube. We will be creating you facebook page heard images and profile pictures to give you a professional look.

                      Once you’re fully setup we will cover all parts of your website and teach you how to use it and update it. We will be looking at SEO and how Google works and how to get your website on the first page for your new locksmiths business.

                      About Your New Website!

                      "We make brilliant locksmith websites, expert in our field of locksmith marketing. Our locksmith platform is our flagship product and the culmination of decades of market research, web design experience and sales. By collaborating with leading locksmith businesses, we know what it takes to sell your locksmith service to the public successfully by using online marketing via your new website, which is why our website platforms offer rationalised, tested and evolved functionality. It just works. It’s that simple".

                      Your new website features

                       What You Get!
                      1 Full Year of FREE Web Hosting
                      12 months included in the cost of the course! The around  £16 per month after that!
                      1 FREE  Mobile Website

                      We automatically build and generate a full mobile website that works on all mobile devices so you don’t miss out on any of the mobile market worth £1400

                      25 Custom Email Addresses

                      Up to 25 matching emails such as joe@lockshop.. info@lockshop etc.

                      Search Engine Submission

                      We will work on a full S.E.O campaign to boost your website on all major search engines and platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more, this will drive traffic to your new website which in turn will bring in customer enquires.

                      SEO Booster  

                      We will help you grow your website with handy tips and advice, further training and our personal help to boost your S.E.O which in turn will drive more customers to your site.

                      Email + Live Chat + Phone Support  

                      Full live support via chat, phone or email to make sure your website host is there to help along with handy tutorials, help tops and much more all related to the website.

                      Password Protected Pages 
                      Share information with staff securely with secure log in.
                      Unlimited Web Pages

                      As locksmiths we have allot of pages dedicated to making sure you get the best rankings on Google then we have legal pages such as terms and conditions and many more. 

                      Advanced Statistics

                      Get tips and know how many hits on your website your receiving, what page they found on Google or through advertising, where they found your website such as facebook campaigns, shared links etc, how long they spent on a page and also an area demographic along with lots more useful information that will help your business grow.

                      Unlimited Storage

                      You will have unlimited storage for items like photos, videos, files and documents.

                      What are the Running Costs of the Locksmith Business?

                      Believe it or not a locksmith business is a low running cost business with a high yield turn over if you do it the right way first and grow your business with a solid foundation then it will grow to be strong and deliver a full financial reward..

                      When you first start you don’t need any van, shop or anything that will kill your business even before you start, these things have a high price and you need to crawl before you can run!.

                      Vehicle: We recommend using your current vehicle or buy a smart looking but small car such as a low cost vehicle, maybe a small engine vehicle such as a 1.4 that you don’t mind getting grubby and oily. This vehicle should have low fuel costs, low insurance and tax costs. We have a 1.4 small petrol vehicle that costs around £48 a month run and for that we get around 530 miles to the tank full. The vehicle insurance is £198 per year then tax on top. We only have 3 small tool boxes as emergency locksmiths and they fit inside any car boot as we work from our vehicles.

                      Website: Your first year is free but your website to run will cost around £16 to a max of £22 per month to run, this is your shop front, why have actual store that costs thousands per month and may get a few hundred people walking past each day when you can get tens of thousands of people passing your website each day.

                      Mobile Phone: Having a decent mobile phone contract is vital as everything that’s invested in to your business is based on your contact number so it can never be changed or you could lose your business. A mobile phone contract can be around £12 a month plus dependent on what you require.

                      Locks: The price varies on hardware such as a Euro lock may cost £4.50 to buy at trade prices to us, this means the public can’t buy them this cheap which means we can make profit on each lock like any hardware store would, we sell our locks on the job. We also give you a lock package with a variety of locks on the Master Locksmith Course which by the time you have sold them in jobs you could by hundreds of new lock stock.

                      Public Liability or Insurance: Its recommended to have a insurance of some kind such as public liability and these vary in prices from £80 to £200 per year.

                      The Price of our Master Locksmiths Course!

                      Our Price for our Master Locksmith Business Course is £2499

                      The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £499

                      then the final blance on the day of £2000

                      If you bought this course in parts it would cost over £11000 to learn locksmithing and buy websites, tools and legal etc, we do offer locksmith franchise options from £1500 and training and tools onlypackages from £1200.

                      Master Locksmith Level 1, 2 , 3  & 4
                      Our Price for our Master Locksmith Business Course

                      The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £499

                      then the final blance on the day of £2000

                      Cash and Credit Cards Taken via Bank Transfer

                      We have £300 off this course if you book by August 2018!

                      The total price of this course is £2499.99 per person in September 2017 the price of this course will go up to £2799 due an extra days been added, mobile website, tablet, online courses and much more!

                      NOTE: Taylors only take 4 students each year for this course, we are very selective of who we take as we put our name to you so we need you to make its work! We currently have 2 place left for 2018

                      The total price of this course is £2499.99 per person.

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                      Need more info?

                      Call our master locksmith today on 07525639943 for more info and we can advise whats the best option for you!

                      Email us at taylorslocksmithsuk@gmail.com

                      Taylors Locksmith offer the best Locksmith Training, with locksmith classes in uPVC, wood, business, residental, lock picking, safes, key cutting, website design, logo design, tool making and much more. Each of our locksmith training courses are aimed to give you hands on training on real homes and real locks with real people, this is where we out do other locksmith schools in the UK as we offer the full lock lab training but with a locksmith apprentice style training on our master locksmith apprenticeship course which helps you meet the customers, work on the jobs that we do and learn from the best locksmiths in Tyne and Wear, so by the time your ready to run your own business you will take to it like a fish to water. Taylors locksmiths courses can also be spread over 7 weeks with one 2 one training, so if your searching for a locksmith schools near me then we belive we offer the best in price, training and give you the most for your money, from tools to websites, legal and a real chance at becoming a skilled locksmith. So learn locksmithing today and change your life and job for the better. Call Taylors Locksmith Academy on 07525639943.

                      You can just choose part training such as:

                      Master Locksmith Training with tools but without the business package, 4 day course from -  £1500

                      Master Locksmith Training without Tool or business package, 4 days -   £1000

                      Locksmith Business Training package, 3 days - £1000

                      Locksmith S.E.O Training, 1 day - £500

                      Custom Locksmith website build with social site build - £1700 (We build you a full website)

                      Social site build and network and marketing training, 2 days - £800