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Newcastle Locksmith Training Academy | Locksmith Courses in Newcastle | Locksmithing Skills | Lock Picking Course Newcastle |

Video: The thoughts of one of our Locksmiths in Training from the Master Locksmith Course Level 4, Full Business Package.


Taylors Newcastle and Gateshead Locksmith Training Academy by Taylors Locksmiths of Gateshead which are a work based and onsite locksmith training school which means working on real locks on real homes and not in a classroom but from a real lock lab. Our Locksmith training offers hands on learning and training programs for new locksmiths looking for a start in the locksmith world at half the price of what other locksmith schools charge,if they charge £6000 for a full course we charge £1200 with twice the course content and we even include the best tools.. (This means, you will be on real jobs with real customers using your own tools, learning with a locksmith business that's been here since 1948)

We have 8 programs, we don’t drag out each lesson to cost you more, we make sure you learn what’s needed to become an effective locksmith with the required skills to carry out each job with confidence. We know that not everyone learns at a fast pace so you can split your days over weeks, we do give assignments such as locks to pick at home, locks to read and diagnose, research studies to round off your knowledge on the subject so when you come back to training you will be ready for the next stage in your course.

We have a lock picking 101 course based on only lock picking as a sport or hobby, we then offer our Locksmith basic business course which will give you the skill sets to get started in your own business or help with gaining a job as a locksmith, then we have our advanced business course that will get you up and running as a self employed locksmith and includes a website build, logo and image branding, business cards and much more.

Our locksmith courses are hands on and on real locks, as we come to you!

We will also take you out on to a series of real jobs with real locks on real homes, garages and places that have every form of common lock you will come across. Each course has some of the basics we will cover but the business courses will see customer care and how to deal with a customer including paper work along with sales, cross sales and sale upgrades. You will be shown every aspect of the job and even spend time creating your own website so once we have built your website you can then manage it.

Please have a read through our courses and see whats right for your budget and skill set.

Our Aftercare is the best!

Once you have trained with Taylors Locksmiths Academy we don't just leave you there, we also offer the best aftercare any locksmith academy can offer with 24 hour video calling so we can see the issues at hand if you get stuck or don't recognize a lock, 24 hour telephone calling if you just need advice on tools or website updates, 24 hour email and text support, FREE refresher days to help keep your training on point! FREE emergency call-out on to your job if you really get stuck, we will come to you. Plus much more.


Landlords Trained in Locksmithing

Locksmith training for landlords, estate agents and many more with Taylors of Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

New Master Locksmiths Business

Locksmith training in Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Training for Employees in Locksmithing

Locksmith courses in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Why Choose Taylors Locksmiths Academy for your Training Course!

We are a local family based business since 1948, our head instructor has over 47 years of locksmith skills in business, lock picking and training for some of the UK's biggest companies. We only allow 4 new business start-up's each year, with every home, car and business, every person in the world having a lock, their is enough work for every person who trains. We make sure your training is one 2 one, we don't use just classrooms but real homes, no other course does this! We take you to meet our customers, live call-outs, real jobs where you can see every point of what we do from taking a call to to getting paid. We offer every student a FREE refresher day when ever they want it! We will give your a personal introduction to our lock supplier which could set you up for success, hear real phone calls from customers, see the jobs been done. 

Our prices will beat any other training school in the UK, we give the most for the price, we don't charge extra for tools, each course gets a locksmith tool kit unless stated otherwise and stock with training aids that you get to keep for your new business. 

Where Do You Train with Taylors Locksmith Academy?

Locksmith courses near me, Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
Lock picking courses Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
Locksmith Business Start up Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Our training takes place with each instructor on the job and at our Lock Labs, each instructor has a training area at there homes along with our main training lab in County Durham, our Lock Labs have everything you need from our own videos on "how to" with all th tools you could need to learn each aspect of locksmithing. 

We have key cutting machines for car key duplication to residential keys along with a vast range of locks that you will come across in the field, these locks are used weathered locks from real jobs. You will also have access to our training house's where you will practice on real doors and locks from changing the gearboxes to picking the locks with everything in between. You will also watch videos of our jobs, hear our phone calls and see the full business operate.

On the Job Training

Each of our locksmiths in training will get the chance to attend real jobs where you will hear real phone calls, hear how we price our jobs and identify the issues and give quotes. You will then attend these jobs, work on the real issues at hand and see how we deal with it on location all the way to the paperwork and even how we take payments. You will get to put your training in to action along with a personal meet and greet with a wholesale lock supply company.

Master Locksmithing Apprentice Course Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Business We Have Worked For and Trained!


How To Setup A Locksmith Business | How to start a locksmith business | Costs | Tools | How much do locksmiths earn |

If your are looking to setup up a locksmith business then you need this e-book before you do anything at all. It's a simple how to guided to see if a business like a locksmith business would work where you live. Its easy to buy and just click the link to read.

Instant Access,  Buy Now For Only £4.99!

It explains what size customer base you would need to make a locksmith business work in your area and how to find out this information along with how to find out what other locksmiths are making per hour, if they are busy with work or struggling to get by. 

This book looks at each tool needed along with prices per tool and where to buy each tool, this will give a good idea of what's needed. These are the real tools and cutting out the gimmick rubbish. These are the tools we use every day as a successful locksmith business and will cost about £400.

We will look at setup costs, what kind of monthly outlay to expect along with the side no one talks about, the dangers of the job, the hours we work, where to buy stock such as your lock hardware and what prices you should expect to pay for hardware. 

How much money we earn and how we price jobs along with an idea on what kind of training to take part in, what you will need to know and much more.

This is a trade secret book that will create a solid foundation for your new business and will let you know if a business will work where you live. It's the exact things that we do when a new locksmith comes to us before we set up their business, 

The Lock Picking Guide ebook | How To Pick Locks | Lock Picking For Beginners | Picking Cylinder Locks

Locksmith Training in Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
Wanting to know if you're any good at picking locks before you buy into a course? 

Why not buy our ebook for just £4.99, istand access and download to keep on your phone or laptop and tablet. 

Its an easy to read ebook that gives you detailed images for reference that looks at each part of lock picking, this detailed how to guide will have you opening locks in no time. It also has links to the tools, costs and even how to setup a lock lab or pick station and what you will need.

This fantastic lock picking ebook also has a FREE discount vouchers page that you can use to get money off our full courses. 

Learn a new skill today, take a up a new hobby and try your hand at lock picking for fun, sport or for eventual business use. 

Buy our new ebook The Lock Picking Guide, The How To Manual For Picking Cylinder Locks. All you need to do is buy this ebook and then you will receive a thank you email with the access link, you can then download and read the ebook. Its just £4.99 with over £200 worth of vouchers inside! 

Buy our NEW ebook now! Just £4.99 for download and you can start lock picking today! 

Buy our new ebook today for just £4.99, instant access and download. 

Learn a new skill and hobby!

Learn how to lock pick like a pro!

Lock Picking 101 (Starter Course) Newcastle only £249.99 | Fathers Day Gift | Experience days |

lock picking courses in Gateshead

Lock picking 101 is an introduction to lockpicking as a skill and sport in our lock lab; it covers every aspect of lockpicking for fun and as a sport lock along with some high security lock challenges. This course is hands on with theory included to help you understand each lock and how it works so you can attack it with your new skills. It’s a challenging course but fun and rewarding day as a gift of experience day.

You will be in our lock lab, a small unit that has a series of locks that you will pick through, its a puzzle and you need to use your mind to figure out the locks, each lock is designed to be a fun and rewarding experience for anyone wanting to have a go at safe cracking to lock picking like a secret agent or lock sport.

You will also get a full lock picking kit and our best selling ebook The Lock Picking Guide on cylinder lock picking for further reading plus vouchers which are in the back page of the book that will give you up to £200 off courses for that we offer. You will also get a set of locks for picks and a new un picked practice lock. You will also get a free copy of Steven J Taylor's new eBook "How to Setup a Locksmith Business" along with this fantastic course.

This course is one 2 one training on real locks and practice locks in and out of the lock lab, by the end of the course your challenged to open a real house door lock and pick its pins.

This course is a 5 hour max long course and is super fun for people of all ages but we recommend 18+.

Course Covers
  • lock picking intro
  • Types of locks you can pick
  • Understanding how locks work
  • Lock picking the art of this skill
  • Lock picking and learning to attack
  • Lock opening using homemade tools
  • Lock bypassing and shimming
  • Plus much more..

This course is ideal for a person that likes to pick basic locks as a hobby or starting in lock sport or would like to Experience the thrill of lock picking .

We will also look at the UK law and lock picking. 

Call us for more info. 07525639943

This course is held onsite at our Lock Lab, a series of fun locks are set up for you to pick your way through, testing you skill.

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £99.99

then the final balance on the day of £149.98.

The total price of this course is £249.99 per person.

Advanced Lock Picking, Business Level 4 Lock Picking and basic safes -  From £750

advanced locksmith training Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland www,taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Advanced Lock Picking for Business level 4 introduces you to home safes and 7 lever locks and how to pick and bypass the locks along with cash boxes, vending machines, window locks, cross crucifix locks, it looks at slipping locks, bumping locks, imprinting keys, lock snapping before we delve in to all pin cylinder locks from standard to British Standard, 1 star to 3 star into the extremely high security locks such as Ultion and Mul-T-Lock accompanied by our Picking Pin Cylinders eBook to aid you at home along with attacking mortise locks and getting them open using curtain picks to lever picks, decoding locks. We will be making pick wires, going over the gauge sizes and angles, bends etc. This course includes a full starters lock pick kit and bump key set with bump hammer and try out locksmith keys a basic book on lock picking and a free copy of Steven J Taylor's new eBook "How to Setup a Locksmith Business" along with our "How to pick Cylinder Locks" eBook.

This course is designed for people with a need for locksmith skills, such as people who need to gain entry to homes for repossession, basic safes and cash boxes and home and business locks that debt collector may need access to.

You will love this course even if it’s just a hobby or for lock sport or for a landlord, bailiff maintenance workers, debt collectors escapology or for general DIY on home and basic auto locks.

If you need more information the call us on 07525639943

Course Covers

Course Price and Break Down!

Course Covers
  • lock picking intro
  • Types of locks, Resident, Commercial
  • Understanding how locks work
  • Lock picking Euro locks
  • Lock picking cylinder Locks
  • Lock picking high security locks
  • Lock picking dimple lock
  • Lock picking and decoding
  • Ultion and Mul-T-Lock Picking
  • Lock picking mortise locks
  • Lock picking padlocks
  • Lock bumping
  • Home Safe opening & cash boxes
  • Plus much more..

This course includes a loo and chalnge of picking on the UK's most secure lock the Ultion, we will also be looking at Mu-T-Lock picking and bypassing to decoding. We will also look at forced entry, lock snapping and dealing with lock issues and how to identify these issues, lock slipping, lock bumping, basic home safes, cash box opening, vending machine opening and locksmith skills needed for business level 4.

We will also be looking at lock picking and the UK law!

This course is held onsite or at the Lock Lab then off site on real locks!

Includes: Lock picking tool set, practice lock set, 2 free eBooks, One to one training

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £199.99

then the final balance on the day of £550.00.

The total price of this course is £750.00 per person.

Ultion TS007 Lock Picking Course with Tool Set for only £450 - 1 Day  Ultion Lock Picking Course

Welcome to UK's first course that focuses on Ultion locks. This is the number one lock that's stumping all locksmiths and sadly locksmiths are turning down jobs due to this lock being fitted. This lock made our job harder, took bread of our table so now its time to tun the tables and attack the lock and make sure you have the skills to defeat the Ultion no mater the model or year. 

We know our Master Locksmith has a full 1 day course on attacking the Ultion lock, you will learn all aspects on this lock, from its design and it in built lock down mode to its 16 point anti drill specification to the pinning of this lock. Learn the weak points and how to defeat this lock on the job and not just in a lock lab with a series of scenarios that will aid you as you come face to face with this lock a 3 star diamond sold secure lock hidden by a 1 star handle. We will create the jobs that you turn down and the show you how to bypass and pick, decode and defeat the Ultion lock.

To under take this course you must have proof of locksmith training. This course is only open to locksmith or FREE with our budget, mobile and master locksmith courses through www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk

This course includes a Ultion Pick and decoder worth £150, one to one training, an eBook on the subject along with our eBook on pin cylinder picking. You will also have a full lock pick set for single pin, raking, rocking picking of dimple pin locks as well as our eBooks and videos on the subject. 

Course Information!

  • 1 day lock picking course one to one - 10.30am - 3pm
  • 1 x Ultion Pick and Decoder tool worth £150 
  • 1 x dimple pick set with tension wrenches worth £29.99
  • Ultion Picking and Decoding video training online access!
  • Ultion Picking eBook
  • Pin Cylinder eBook

Course Pricing!

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £200

then the final balance on the day of £250.00.

The total price of this course is £450 per person.

Beginner Locksmith Training Course | How to Locksmith | Train as a Locksmith | Northeast | Gateshead | Newcastle | UK

locksmith training, master locksmith, beginner locksmith training, training course, advertisement, logo,
Locksmith Course Details 

Taylors Locksmith Training Academy Gateshead run a range of training courses in becoming a locksmith and our beginners’ locksmith course provides a starting point for newcomers to the industry through to existing locksmiths who want to learn new skills or update their knowledge.

Our beginners’ courses include a 2 day foundation module level 1 which is perfect for those with no experience in the industry – learn how to work on upvc, open and fit locks, open safes and how locks work.

  • One to One Training
  • Beginner Tool Kit
  • Practice Locks to Take Home and Keep!
  • 3 best selling eBooks on Locksmithing
  • Easy to watch video archive access 
  • Free business advice package 

Click here to read more or click here to visit our main website about locksmith training with other courses. To book this course either email by clicking here or call Steve our master locksmith and instructor on 07525639943 and he can give you all the information you need and answer any questions you have.

Key Cutting Level 1 | Key Cutting /  Duplication Training | Locksmith Training | Gateshead | Newcastle | Sunderland | £349.99

Locksmith training Gateshead, key cutting https://www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk/locksmith-training-newcastle

Taylors Locksmiths Training Academy offer a level 1 in locksmith key cutting, it looks at all aspects of key cutting from the machine and how it works, setup and uses in duplicating residential, business, auto keys from low, mid and high security keys along with euro profile, cylinder keys, dimple keys, high security keys and some auto keys, We will also look at different key machines, maintenance of key machines, how they work along with dangers and much more. We will also look at hand crank key cutting machines for mobile locksmithing, profit, prices and how you can add this to your current business..

We will also look at hand shaping keys such as bump keys and how to use them along with hand shaping tools and files. 

If you would like to book this course then please let us know, this course is also part of the master locksmith level 3 course. Call Taylors Locksmith Academy on 07525639943;

the key cutting level 1 Course takes 1 day to undertake all parts with 2 modules making up the full course and a final practical exam at the end of the course.

The course starts at 10.30 am till 4.30 pm over 1 day and this course is based in Gateshead.

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £100

then the final balance on the day of £250.00.

The total price of this course is £349.99 per person.

UPVC Locksmith Course with Taylors Locksmith Training Academy | Gateshead | Newcastle | Sunderland | Durham | £549.99

upvc door opening, learn how to pick euro locks, learn singhle pin picking, raking and all other forms of upvc door entry Mortice /Mortise locksmith, learn to open and pick mortice locks www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
upvc door opening, learn how to pick euro locks, learn singhle pin picking, raking and all other forms of upvc door entry Mortice /Mortise locksmith, learn to open and pick mortice locks www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
upvc door opening, learn how to pick euro locks, learn singhle pin picking, raking and all other forms of upvc door entry Mortice /Mortise locksmith, learn to open and pick mortice locks www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
1, 2, 3 , 5, 7 day locksmith courses in Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead www,taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Our locksmith UPVC course with Newcastle Locksmith Training Academy is just that a full course on UPVC from dealing with gearboxes, fixing them, using them as spare and repair, gaining entry by various methods and picking all UPVC locks to bypassing and forced entry to fixing UPVC, handle fitting, letterbox fitting, peep hole fitting, UPVC cleaning. On this course we will be looking at maintenance of UPVC, adjustment, fitting doors and tuning along with UPVC windows, handles plus much more.

Our UPVC course is one of the most in-depth courses in the UK based on UPVC for locksmiths, we will also show you how to maximize your earnings from each UPVC job along with price structure for each job. This course is hands on and on real doors and locks.

The UPVC Course takes 2 days to undertake all parts with 3 modules making up the full course and a final practical exam at the end of the course.

The course starts at 10.30 am till 4.30 pm over 3 days, days can be taken together or over week or one day per week and is based in Gateshead.

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £100

then the final balance on the day of £450.00.

The total price of this course is £549.99 per person.

Wood Doors, Latches, Mortise Lock Fitting, Picking, Lifting, Bypassing Course in Gateshead £549.99

Mortise, mortice locksmith training course, locksmith school https://www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk/locksmith-training-newcastle
Mortice /Mortise locksmith, learn to open and pick mortice locks www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
Wood door locks, night latches, learn how to pick them and bypass them, fit them and fix them  www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
Mortise, Mortice lock locksmith course in Gateshead with Taylors Locksmiths www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Our locksmith course based only on the older wooden doors and mortice / mortise locks is one of the best in the UK with hands on training.

We cover all aspects of mortice lock work from fitting new locks, lock changing, lock upgrades, fixing mortice locks, making mortice lock tools, over lifting and ID of mortice locks, drilling mortice locks, we will also look at all other wooden door locks and uses to issues and bypasing methods from night latches to chains plus much more!

We will look at drilling locks and issues, picking, lifting, bypassing, sliding, forced entry, color coding, fixing, replacing, upgrading, pulling and much more along with tray out keys, key coding, and even a look at high security locks and combination locks with latches..

We will also go over basic wood work skills such as using chisels, hammer, drills, tools, the right tools for each job plus the way of the craftsman, correcting mistakes and much more. You will also look at all types of locks and attack all levels or mortice locks, 2,3,4 and 5 lever locks.

Course Infomation!

the Wooden Door Course takes 2 days to undertake all parts with 4 modules making up the full course and a final practical exam at the end of the course which will be getting in to a door with a 5 leaver British Standard Mortice Lock and Yale Night Latch, fitting of a new lock plus much more.

The course starts at 10.30 am till 4.30 pm over 2 days, days can be taken together or over week or one day per week and is based in Gateshead.

Course Pricing!

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £100

then the final balance on the day of £449.99.

The total price of this course is £549.99 per person.

Door and Window Boarding Up Course, add a new revenue to your locksmith business from £499

Locksmith Training in Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland and Durham www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

New for 2019, ideal for all locksmiths that use a van or any small DIY business. 

Now you can train in boarding and securing services that could create a extra revenue of up to £50K per year and see you working with insurance providers and local police and housing services. 

We can train you in all aspects of boarding, how to board and damage frames, how to secure doors after burglary or accidents to finding out what materials work best and how to make sure your withing the UK law and not endangering life. We will also help create your price structure, guidelines and home insurance requirements along with pricing up work and creating invoices to estimates plus much more! 

Course Information! 

the boarding up Course takes 1 day to undertake all parts with 4 modules making up the full course and a final practical exam at the end of the course which will be showing competency and all aspect you have learned in the day.

The course starts at 10.30 am till 3 pm.

This course takes place in Gateshead.or Bedlington in Newcastle

Course Pricing!

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £100

then the final balance on the day of £399.

The total price of this course is £499.99 per person.

Training New Staff for your Locksmith Business or adding Locksmithing to your current Buisness from £899.99!

Full locksmith training in Gateshead with Taylors Locksmiths www,taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Taylors and the Newcastle,, Gateshead Locksmith Academy offer locksmith training courses for your staff, if you own your own locksmith company, building company, letting agent then we can fully train your staff in either one specific area or host a full residential and business locksmithing course along with customer care and sales skills. Book more than one place and get up to £200 discount!.

If you wish you can break the course down in to sections and we can train your staff on a specific area such as working on UPVC or maybe fire doors, safes or basic auto entry, wood work and wood doors, shutters and many more..

You can choose a training only package from £899 for 2 days of training or £1200 for 3 days of locksmith training spread over 3 weeks with 1 free refresher day that can be used up to a year later.

Locksmith as a business for business training course for back line staff, we can show how to lower costs on stock, streamline production, train all staff on the site or at your jobs or on our jobs. 

We can also supply full locksmith tool kits for £699 that's worth almost £1800 - Call us today and find out more. Call us on 07525639943.

This course is ideal for...

  • Builders
  • Maintenance Contractors
  • Council Workers

  • Estate Agents
  • Landlords
  • Letting Agents

  • Debt Collectors
  • Security Services
  • Handyman Services

Business we have trained in locksmith skills...

Here are some of our locksmiths we have trained from company's like Sendrig, AA, Home Group, Newcastle Council, IKEA and many more. 

We offer training to the MOD with a 20% discount!

We train your staff from £899, such as builders, estate agents!

We train landlords so they can look after there own houses, saving them £££!

New full locksmiths business start up with website, work ware, tools and training!

Spread your days over weeks with home tasks to work on in your own time!

We will beat any locksmith training price offered!

Local courses in Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham. 

  • Taylors Locksmith Academy for locksmith training www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    Real Doors and Real Training. One to One on Real Jobs!
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    Here is Shar, ready to take on locksmithing as a new business for just £1500, Shar made over £3000 in his first month and only worked 20 hours. He loves his new life.
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    Ex MOD, discounts for all military looking to become a locksmith!
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    Hands on training on real doors on real homes!
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    Hands on training and learning new skills in locksmithing in Gateshead, Newcastle and Durham.
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    UPVC locksmith courses from £499 over 2 days!
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    New locksmiths trained for Sendrig, save up to £200 per person on group bookings!
  • Locksmith in Gateshead www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk
    Landlords train with us to save money by been able to fix there own looks, open proppertys and more from £899

Budget Locksmith Training 5 Day Course with Tools and Basic Business Package from just £1250 

Welcome to our Budget Locksmith business start up and training course in Gateshead UK, this course is basically a mobile locksmith course but stripped back further to make a lower cost option. Below On our main training website you will find as much information as we can give you about this Budget Locksmith course, please read the entire page in full by clicking here www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk

Our Budget Locksmiths business package is designed to give you hands on experience in using all the tools of the locksmiths trade and take them home, along with full locksmiths skills for all locks from residential to business and basic auto locksmiths skills.

What we will train you in!

High Security lock picking Level 1 & 2
Understanding how locks work with videos and manuals
Residential Locksmith Level 3
Commercial and High Security Locksmith Level 2
UPVC doors and window common issues Level 2
Gearbox and Mechanisms how to Level 2
Composit door locks and issues Level 2
How to service UPVC and the multi point locks Level 2
Latch locks, bypass, fitting and opening Level 1
Lock opening mortise locks Level 1
Bypassing Padlocks Level 1
Combination lock opening Level 1
Tools and how to use them and maintain them
Sales skills Level 2
Creating fresh content for your website level 1
How to Blog Level 1
Social Marketing Level 1
Google Maps and listings, Google My Business Level 1
Design of logos and brand image
Lock ordering and sizing, knowing your stock
Full trade accounts setup
2 FREE refresher days!
24 Hour call-out if you ever need us!
Full aftercare program!
See the kind of money you can earn
plus much more...

Take this course over 3 weeks for only £1600 all in. You will be working one on one with our master locksmith Steven J Taylor at his own personal lock lab in Gateshead Tyne and Wear. If you take the course only and you do all of your online then this full course including tools is only £1250 all in for a one to one training program for 5 main days along with assignments to complete at home. This keeps your one to one time down and that makes the course such a good price. If you want to take 1 day per week for 5 weeks plus our basic business package then the full price with tools is £1999 all in. Visit our main website at https://www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk/budget-locksmith-business-course for more information about the course and what else is included in the locksmith course. 

Locksmith training Northeast, locksmith, train as a locksmith, learn locksmithing www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk
Are you looking for a business level locksmith course that will help you create a income from locksmith? Then this course is aimed at you. If you don't have the budget for the Master Locksmith Course of the time needed to take the course or you can only afford 2 -3 days to train then this course is for you. 

We have developed a way to give you 14 weeks of training in just 2 - 3 days. What we will do, once you have booked up and paid for the course, we will then send you your own private password for our Master Locksmith video archive which is a online training program that is designed for the Master Locksmith Course, each video breaks down each lock and shows you how to deal with it. By the time you have viewed this and read the information we provide you will already be leagues ahead of most locksmiths that are already running business. Once you arrive we will be straight in to it, expanding our days from with a start time of 10am till 4pm over 3 days or 9am till 8pm over 2 days or 9am till 11pm for one day. Yes we are so confident that what we can offer you, you will be able to do it in one day as the videos will keep your new skills fresh. When your here you will get a full set of practice locks along with all the tools. Once you have opened the locks ans done it, you will know how to do it each time. After that its practice, do this at your own home. 

We have full online and phone support with live video chat to help you on any subject your confused with our having trouble with. 

What Will I Cover?

Locksmith training Northeast, locksmith, train as a locksmith, learn locksmithing www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk

Pricing of The Course

You can choose to do the course in 1, 2 or 3 days. We don't proprovid accommodation, please ask for Bed and Breakfast or Hotels close by. 

One Day Course 9am till 11pm (£1100)
Two Day Course 9am till 8pm (£1199)
Three Day Course 10am till 4pm (£1299)

Call us today for more info on 07525639943!

You will cover every lock topic from dealing with uPVC to wooden doors and composite doors, shop doors, safes and basic auto to changing gearboxes and mechanisms, servicing uPVC all the way from lock picking to destructive entry along with a basic business model that will show you how to price jobs, use our own app that works for invoicing and and quotes for new jobs plus so much more. 

You will also get to buy stock directly from ourselves as we offer the best price for new locksmiths with uPVC locks from just £2.50 - £4 with 3 keys to new tools as we can get them all at cost direct from the manufacturer. 

You will also get a full tool kit with all the technical tools required to do the job, pick and bypass all locks in the UK and overseas. 

You will also get a practice lock kit with many used and new locks for you to practice on along with a bench top lock clamp to allow you the best chance of picking. 

You will also get our business locksmith ebook and video archive which gives you all the information needed for you to setup your new business. It will also give you all the links required to create a website, how to get found on Google, Yahoo and Bing without spending a penny on pay per click advertising. 

You will also get access to a online training account packed with business courses from sales to marketing, how to keep books and all the information needed to create a successful business. 

Add a locksmith website built with custom logos and graphics from £599 built by Blue Reef Designs www.bluereefdesigns.co.uk Contact them today to find out about how they can build a website for a locksmith company with up to 50% off by attending our business course.

We can also create bespoke courses for small businesses that want to add something new to there business and bring in another revenue stream. Call us today for more information. 07525639943

Master Locksmith Business Package with Level 1, level 2 , Level 3 & Level 4 Training so you can run your own business! From £2500

Locksmith course, locksmith training Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Durham www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Our Master locksmiths business package is designed to give you hands on experience in using all the tools of the locksmiths trade and take them home, along with full locksmiths skills for all locks from residential to business and basic auto locksmiths skills.  Click Here to view our Brochure! or visit our locksmith training website at www.gatesheadlocksmithtraining.co.uk

You will focus on UPVC and wood doors looking at all types of locks commonly found in the UK. Along with learning all of the skills needed to become a skilled locksmith you will also be trained in sales, cross sales and up selling of locks, services and goods. You will also cover customer care and voice modulation to help you win an appointment over the phone by asking the right questions. We will cover all the administration side of the job and you will get a copy of all paper work templates on disc along with full terms of service and terms and conditions which cost up to £1200 to have created by a solicitor for your new company but you will also receive this as part of the course along with a locksmith tool bag, full set of quality lock picks in a leather case, a set of locksmith keys, locksmiths snap bar, jigglers, key turners and loads more, a set of new business cards for your business, a locksmith ID badge and lanyard and a qualification certificate to state you have carried out a full course on locksmith skills, along with your company branded polo T shirt, brand new state of the art websites, full S.E.O training, tools and much, much more. You will also receive a list of locksmith trade only websites with fully setup accounts for low cost locks and equipment to help you make profit and an introduction to our supplier..

You will also have a unlimited page locksmith website with a custom URL and custom email address created for you and a new high resolution logo created that will be saved on a hard disk so you can have the image embroidered, copied to images and printed. We will also S.E.O boost your website to help with Google, Yahoo and Bing ratings which will bring in customers. This by itself is worth over £3500 for the website and S.E.O, the logo design is worth over £450 if bought separately. PLUS we will get you featured on social networking sites and design your business facebook and Twitter sites, from header images and profile content. The list can go on and on. Your best clicking here to find out more. 

FREE mobile website: We are NOW offering you a FREE mobile website build worth over  £1100, this means you will pick up all the traffic that is using Google and other search engines and social sites via their mobile phones. This means you will show up as a mobile friendly website which makes it easy for the customer to contact you and find information on your new locksmith business..

  • 14 week course ( take it all together, 2 -3  days per week. Learn on weekends, evenings, we will work around your hours of current work as long as our current students have not booked these dates)
  • Get 2 free refresh days for up to 24 month after the course!
  • 24 Hour help, if your ever stuck after the course we can still help!
  • Video calling to see locks, issues and advice after training!
  • We work around you with one 2 one training!
  • No large classroom groups, all our training is one to one!

  • Work on real homes, windows and doors
  • Deal with real customers, lock outs, lock in, police cases and more.
  • Hear our phone calls and how we handle a call, ID the issues and price the job!
  • Work with real locksmiths dealing with real issues that only happen in the field!
  • We supply all the tools you will need to start trading!
  • We will build you a full website so you can get found by your new customers!
  • We will guide you each way, step by step!
  • View our brochure, Click Here

As part of the Master locksmith Business Course you will now work with one of our team to film a new video add for your new business, this will allow a better website ranking via networks and social sites that can help build the business and bring you custom., our new videos are charged at £899 but you get it FREE with this course!.

We supply all the tools for your new job!

Master Locksmith course level 3 FREE tool kit with the full course www.taylorslocksmiths.co.uk

Our Master Locksmith Business course also includes all the locksmith tools required for doing the job, almost £600 worth of other locksmiths tools. 

The business course also has a full website build, logo design, business card design, T-shirt logo designs to be used with embroidered logos, full online office system from invoicing ti legal plus so much more

All you need is a laptop, car and a mobile phone and we supply everything else!

We supply your new logos and graphics to be added to clothing!

What do I get on this course?

The Level 4 Locksmith Business Course is the most complete course and the only one of its kind in the UK and as far as we know the world. We don't want to just train you and dump you, we want you to make a change in your life and create a real income, prosper and do something amazing and help us carry our brand and your new brand together so we both can make money.  Here are some of the highlights of the course, details are below.

Training: We will train you in all aspects of locksmithing, a Level 4 in Master Locksmithing, this is broken down in to residential locksmithing and business to business locksmithing, all areas from basic level safes to UPVC, composite and wood doors, shop doors and shutters and everything in between such as re-pinning locks, keyed alike locks, key cutting and every other aspect of locksmithing.. 

Website: We will build you the best site possible with outstanding Google rankings, mobile configuration to make sure you can get paid. You don't need any online skills at all as our website building company Blue Reef Designs will maintain your website for you and take care of all the technical parts. However we will train you in creating weekly updates for fresh content that will help your ranking. You will learn all about how this works and this will give you a benefit over your competition!

Legal: Its easy to get caught up in a legal web, when your business is created we will cover all areas of the legal training from creating bespoke terms and conditions which bought separately would cover a £1000, we will look at copyrite, image and brand trade marks and making sure you are protected along with insurance and much more!

Tools: There are so many gimmick tools on the market today you can spend thousands on creating the perfect locksmith tool kit but why bother when we can supply every tool from picks to hammers and drill bits, oils and tool bag, technical entry tools and jigglers to bypassing tools. Every tool you need will be yours to take home after the course depending on what you require.

Logos and Branding: Our designer will also create a logo for your business as you look in to how colours work, why people trust websites and brands to help you secure more business, we will create all aspects of your brand ID and explain all areas of how a brand works. We will also share and publish you new image on all social sites with facebook builds, header designs and fresh content creation and how to achieve the best from your brand design. 

Business Package: In the package we have all of the above areas covered plus you will take a full business online course which we will help you create a full business plan, financial broadcasting, admin of your business along with accounting. You will learn how to invoice on your new system along with email blasting and much more .

Our Promise to You!

If you can find this course in the UK any cheaper, offering more or the same to our standard then we will give you this course for half price! This is how sure we are that it is imposible to find what we offer in the UK, we have a business development officer, a website designer, web master, graphics and art designer, a set of locksmiths who have been in business since 1948, a full lock lab for training, real job training with real customers, a training house and the best team possible in the UK, from legal to locksmiths we have you covered. You will become the best locksmith you can as we are there every step of the way to make sure you succeed as a Master Locksmith.

Master Locksmith Course Covers

Course Price and Break Down!

  • lock picking Level 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • Locksmith skill sets
  • Types of locks
  • Understanding how locks work
  • Locksmithing uPVC level 1, 2 & 3
  • Locksmithing Wood Doors level 3
  • MasterLocksmithing level 3
  • UPVC doors and windows
  • Gearbox how to
  • Composit door locks and issues
  • How to service UPVC
  • Lock picking Euro locks UPVC
  • Lock picking cylinder Locks
  • Latch locks, fitting and opening
  • Lock opening mortise locks
  • Mortise lock repair, upgrades
  • Mortise lock picking
  • Mortise overlift and making wires
  • Lock picking padlocks
  • Combination locks opening
  • Tools and how to use them
  • Lock pulling and snapping
  • Key Cutting Course Level 1
  • Safes and cash boxes Level 1
  • Letter box opening and forced entry
  • Basic wood work Level 1
  • Lock pulling pros and cons
  • Customer care skills Level 1
  • Sales skills Level 2
  • Office admin Level 1
  • New website how to use it
  • SEO  how to (Get found on Google)
  • Design of logo and brand
  • Lock ordering and sizing
  • Personal meet of wholesaler
  • Full trade accounts setup
  • On the job training
  • Real homes, real ,locks
  • 2 FREE refresher days!
  • 24 Hour call if you ever need us!
  • Full aftercare program!
  • Split the course over 7 weeks
  • See the kind of money you can earn
  • plus much more...

This course is held onsite or at a real home then off site on real locks!

Course price break down and WHAT IT WOULD COST if you bought these separate!.

  • Locksmith course £4000 (Priced against other trainers as of 2018 )
  • Locksmiths tools between £300 and £800 depending on package!
  • Stock of locks £150
  • Customer care course £250
  • Sales course £250
  • Website and SEO package £2500
  • Logo design and branding £350 (Priced against other business as of 2017)
  • Solicitor fees and terms and conditions £1200
  • Logo Copyright and Trademark £800 if required
  • Sundries £300
  • New film advert worth  £1300 if required
Total Should be = £11.900..

Our Price for our Master Locksmith Business Course

The cost of this course is paid by 1 x deposit of £499

then the final balance on the day or 7 days before the course of £2500

Credit card payments also taken!

The total price of this course is £3500 per person or the budget package for £2400

NOTE: Taylors only take 4 students each year for this course, we are very selective of who we take as we put our name to you so we need you to make its work! We currently have 2 space left for 2022, October enrolment.

Finale date for course entry is October 2022 with enrolment for November, December and January 2022.

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If you’re unsure or have any questions about payments, what we cover or if you would like to have a chat about our private training, team training for your company or about our business packages then call us today on 07525639943 or message us and we will get back to you. 

We also have an hourly rate and can do teaching by the hour or pay as you go. 

All of our courses are held in Gateshead and are brought to you by fully trained locksmiths, we have 3 generations of locksmiths in our family and business and can give you all the advice you need.