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Your locksmiths near me is Taylors Locksmiths who have worked Gateshead since 1948. 

If you are looking for a low cost local Locksmiths in Gateshead, Springwell or Washington Tyne and Wear, then you have the right place. 

Taylors Locksmiths are based in Gateshead (Low Fell) but have a locksmith in Sulgrave Washington and Concord Washington that specialises in all locksmith services in Springwell and Washington Tyne and Wear.

We offer a low price locksmith service in Washington that could save you over £100 or more on our competitor’s prices.

Our prices start at just £44.99 for a mobile locksmith near by Washington or Gateshead and for a locksmith near me, £65 for residential locksmiths and £75 for business locksmiths after hours so for your  24 hour locksmith near me then call Taylors on 07525639943 0r text us on the same number.  locksmith cost

We can repair locks, replace and upgrade locks from door locks, French door locks, patio door locks, window locks, garage door locks, mortise locks and many more.

Taylors Locksmiths are also skilled lock pickers and offer a 24 hour emergency call out service that will get you in to your home or business, so if you are searching for a locksmith near me then you have found the best!  emergency locksmith near me

Call us today on 07525639943 for a locksmith no obligation quote.

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Below are our rough price guides that gives you and idea of costs. To break it down, just look at the table below, chose your guide, residential or commercial. For residential you will either have a multi-point locking door where you lift the handle to lock it or you don't. Many do NOT understand or know what a multi-point lock is, so we break it down as UPVC. Composite are generally a multi-point locking door. A wood door generally will have a mortice and nightlatch.

So as an idea lets say you have a residential lock out, thats £45 during 9am till 5pm £65 if its out of hours. Then that would be it, if your locked out we would pick the lock and get you back in. No hidden cost or fees. If the price does change we will give a new quote before we even put hands on tools. 
Gateshead locksmith service price guide
 Cost Out of Hours
Residental labour charge for working on UPVC, Composite doors
 £55 labour fee
 £77 labour fee
Residental labour charge for working on wood doors
 £55 labour fee
 £77 labour fee
Commercial labour charge for working on shop shutters etc
 £65 labour fee
 £85 labour fee

Lock Identification | Locksmith Near Me | Gateshead Locksmith | 

Let Gateshead Locksmith Service know which lock style you have. Style 1 Rym Cylinder mostly found on wooden doors, Style 2 a Mortice Lock, mostly found on wooden doors or Style 3 a Euro Cylinder, found on UPVC, Composite and Metal doors. 

If your unsure which lock you have you can call our locksmith on 07525639943.