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Master Locksmith Business Start up and Course | Locksmith Business | Locksmith Training | Gateshead | Newcastle | Sunderland

Welcome to our master locksmith business start up and training course, below you will find as much infomation as we can give you about this locksmith course.

First a few things you should know!



  • Q, Why do you only allow 4 people on a master locksmith course each year?
  • A, This is not a gimmick course and it needs to be one on one! Ask yourself why these other companies put out 8 new locksmiths each week but yet they vanish? Where do they go? We call this gimmick training, they teach your how to become a locksmith but then they vanish as the business side of the training is not there. This is where we are different, we make sure people can find you on Google without paid adds. This is why you need the full business training to assist the new business in growth to make to work, this takes allot of time, so we only allow 4 each year!
  • Q, Can you learn to be a locksmith in 3 - 5 days?
  • A, Yes and No, yes you can learn some gimmick tips but real training comes from  real jobs and real issues and real experience. All a classroom can do is prepare you but it gives you no real life experience. This course takes 7 - 14 days spread over 2 - 3 days per week. Most complete this in 4 weeks with 2 days per week with further home training and online training for around another 2 months. The subject is a large subject and you need time to take in each section and practice each section with home assignments.
  • Q, What is the price?
  • A, The price for this training is extremely low, the package we sell would cost over £10k just to put it together but we actually do it all for £3500 for 2019 / 2020 but currently it is £2900 as we only have 1 position left for 2019.
  • Q, How long does it take to build the website and go live?
  • It depends as its a two way build, we create the site and all the pages and background content, images and graphics along with the coding and do all the hard parts but we will give you assignments which you will need to complete to help the website rank on Google. We do this to make sure you can maintain your website in in the future, been self sufficient is the key to success. But there is no reason a website cant be fully built and live and ranking on Google within one week of the training starting. It takes our guys around 12 hours each day for around about a 1 week to two weeks to build the website, then the mobile site and business platforms such as your online invoice systems and marketing programs etc. .
  • Q, How long till I earn money?
  • A, It depends on the area you are in and what your direct competition is with the area, we wont take you on to our course if you cant earn money as a business, we won't put our name to a failed business start up! We say from 1 month of the business launch to a maximum of 6 months to start seeing regular business and how motivated you are to follow our advise and training. Your overall target will be 3 - 6 jobs per day by the end of year 2 with a annual income of around £30.000 to £130k and by year 4 to year 6 seeing you make around £250.000 per year depending on your area, population etc. Basically, work it out at that a basic hob is around £130 and we do 3 jobs a day, =  £390, that is around 4 hours work, now if we do that for 7 days = £2,730 a week, based on 4 weeks that is = £10,920 if you worked every day as we tend to then the profit on a  basic job is = £131,040 per year and that is on our basic rates.
  • Q, I don't live close, can I still do the course as it takes weeks!
  • A, Yes you can still do the course, we have a way of making sure all the actual hands on training is completed in 5 days but you would benefit from further training so visiting in a month or two would help, the rest can be achieved online via video chat and further training can be arranged for future dates to make sure your the best you can be.
  • Q, Why do I need home insurance and legal training! 
  • A, well you are going to be working on peoples homes and we need to  make sure you know your business legal terms and conditions to make sure you put the customer in harm's way which could lead to you been arrested or fined. We need to make sure you only fit the correct locks to meet home insurance regulations plus much more. 
  • Q, Can I do just the locksmith training with tools?
  • A, Yes you can, we often do this for existing companies that are already established and need further training for new staff, the prices vary on how many attendees you need but for one person with a tools package it would be a 5 day course held in one week and the price for this would be £1600 or £1200 without the tools package, or a basic tools pack and training would cost £1350. If you book more than one just for training then your are looking at 3-4 days for £1000 per person, call us for more information on 07525639943

Where does the training take place?

All our training takes place in either our Lock Lab which holds all the best tools and every lock found in the current UK market, this acts as a base for us to work from. The next stage is when we move on to a real home where you will then take your new skills and fine tune them on a real house, lock picking, bypassing, servicing uPVC, working on windows and mechanisms along with multipoint lock fitment, letterbox replacement and much more. You will also be attending jobs with our locksmiths in taking it in stages you will see every kind of common job we get, you will see the business run and how it works from the inside then eventually you will start to doe the jobs, work with the customers until you are doing full jobs with just our guidance from answering the phone to doing the job and taking payment. You also train at home and online, we will make sure we are there for all your questions and mistakes to make sure you can be the best locksmith you can be.

Locksmith Training

You will undertake our master locksmith training course that covers every UK residential and commercial lock on the current UK market along with uPVC, wood working skills, a look at safes and opening, bypassing every lock we come across all within our Lock Lab. 

You will also attend real jobs and see how it works and a business and what to expect. This will start to build your confidence.

Practice House Training

The practice house is where you can fine tune you skills, its vital this is done outside the Lock Lab and on real doors and windows that are actually been used. You will cover every aspect of home entry and uPVC along with many other aspects that's undertaken in day to day life of a locksmith.

By this stage you will be helping out on real houses with real customers and getting ready to start as a apprentice locksmith.

Real Customer On The Job Training

Training on the job is the next step, its vital for confidence, you will learn how to take calls and ID the customers needs while on the phone, price the jobs out and secure the business, then attend the job, making sure customer care is met and and further sales skills is used to make sure the customers needs are met. You will close out the job including taking payments and using the online app we have created to draw up your own invoice and close all sales.
You will almost be complete on the locksmith training!

Online Training Program

From day 1 of the business side of the course you will have a login for our online training program where we have a fully loaded training interface. Here you will undertake home training with online courses in Business, Finance . Sales Fundamentals all the way to online marketing training and even down to using spreadsheet and basic accounting. You will also receive an award and certificate in each course that you complete. 

Sales and Customer Care Training

Sales and customer care training is vital. Just look at our reviews and the customers with the thumbs up which wins us more business, we receive countless recommendations and in turn become family locksmiths where people are proud to call us there locksmith and pass on our business details, we do this via our care and sales training meaning you to will receive the same feedback from your new customers!

Further On The Job Test Training

You will still be coming out on real jobs with our locksmith, here you can practice your new skills in sales and see how we upgrade lock pages using our sales skills to meet the customers needs, taking a £130 job and turning it in to a £275 job but making sure the customer needs the product, this could be insurance based upgrades to meet there current home insurance needs..

Full Website Build and Training

We will build you a website the works, it looks good and has the skills to get to Google and stay there. Its a simple equation. If you have 100.000 people living in your area, you are at a top position on Google on page one of Google, you will get a phone call each time a customer searches for a local locksmith, we need you to get found first and take the job! But there is more to it than that, customers need to buy from a trusted site, a site that looks good, has a solid foundation and Google will only rank the best so that's why we build the best and give you full training in updating your site from your home to maintain your online rankings!

Mobile Website Build and Training

With over 90% of people searching for business online via Google via their mobile devices it's important that we create your a full mobile phone friendly website to make sure your site is mobile and tablet friendly so search engines will rank you better and the customer will find you quicker and call you for work. We build you a full website worth over £1100 with easy to use features and one click call buttons. 

This will help drive more customers to your website which in turn will result in more business for yourself! 

Social Networking Setup and Training

Along with your website and mobile website you will need a social setup with full training in Google business and how SEO works for you via social network sites.

You will learn how to use social networks to your advantage and how to create sales from social sites along with advertising campaigns and marketing.

These sites act as your online reviews and customer care platforms that create healthy back links which in turn feeds your website and helps people find you faster online which results in more customer traffic

You will have full training in this so don't worry!

Locksmith Tools Package

We include a full locksmith tool package in our master locksmith course, these are the same tools we use on a day to day basis, these will see you get started but will eventually need upgrading or replacing in time but they will get the business going and as you make more money you can buy higher grade equipment and freshen up your tool kit. 

There are no gimmick tools and all tools we supply are tools you will use each and every day during the course and after the course. Many new locksmiths that don't do our course spend thousand on tools they will never use! 

Works Clothing and Business Items

Here you can see Dan Higgins from Higgins locksmiths in his new work ware with his tool bag and tools ready to go to work, looking professional with a smile. We will sit and work with you to create your logo which will be embroidered on to your work clothing! 

Photo and Video Shoot

You will also partake in your own video shoot with a full photo shoot for advertising and cross market advertising. 

We will create an advertisement via video that will be fully edited and look professional with all logos and contact information that will help drive customers to your new website along with a photo shoot that will show you at work! This helps with image and trust!

We will make sure we give you all the tools to  succeed. 

Legal, Terms and Conditions Training

This is such a tread carefully area as many locksmiths don't even know anything about the UK law and how there work can affect peoples lives. We make sure you have the most up to date terms and conditions created by a legal team of solicitors to make sure you get paid on time and every time while protecting you and any future investment in to your business. This alone can cost thousands but we make sure its all included in our price alone with full training so you know your rights and can make sure your customers are treated fairly.

Home Insurance Training

Again another very important tool we have to work with for both our sales and upgrades along with regulations we must make sure we meet so we don't end up in court.  We will give you full training in understanding British Standard locks and your legal requirements as a locksmith and what home insurance underwriters state is the minimum security level that should be met so not to void a persons home insurance, simply fitting the wrong locks can void a policy or in the worst case, void a claim.

Aftercare Program

Once your training has ended, we don't just stop working with you, we are always there 24 hours for advice. If your stuck on a job or unsure about a contract or tender then we will help advise you.

You will be able to contact us via phone, text, email and video calling so we can see your job and advise on what the base plan of attack would be, we can talk you through any job your unsure off and the best part if you are local and get really stuck we will come out and help you on the job! 

What else is included? 

We cant give away all our trade secrets or make them public as we are the only company in the UK to offer this kind of package with all of our instructors carrying degrees in such areas as business, finance to webdesign and graphics through to marketing. We us current AA home insurance staff to advise and offer training, one of our head instructors as been featured in entrepreneur magazines such as business weekly, he buys failing businesses and relaunches them and knows everything there is about business, what works and what does not work, he currently runs 5 businesses and has over 20 franchises in the UK.On top of that we as a business have been in business since 1948 So you will know you're getting the best advice and experience available.

Do I Need to Manage and Update My Website?

No you do not, we take on many people that have no online skills, some don't use social media at all and that's fine, we understand you just want to go and make money. That's why we have options available where our web design company will manage your website for a small yearly fee, this will include all Google updates, inscriptions and legal updates, special offers and sale updates along with yearly maintenance of the URL and SEO changes along with keywords and backlinks. But we will train you in the most basic aspect of been able to access your site and carry out weekley fresh content updates which are really simple. If you can write a letter or email then you can do this! Confidence in learning something new is the key and this world is changing fast, the old ways are fading away and now if your not online then your business does not exist! Speak to us about this as it can help shorten the course time and save you money!

Do you do any kind of payment plan?

Yes we can arrange payment plans, often a deposit is paid then installments during the course, we can also offer discounts for shares in the future business or offer a franchise based options. Your best to call us to find out more. 07525639943

I live in Gateshead, can I do this course?

No, you cannot unless you want to cover a different area. We wont give all your trade secrets away to directly compete as we will then need to make sure we maintain our rankings by making sure any business around us that's competing does not make it to market, its counter productive and we need to maintain our placement in our area. Its nothing personal but it is business. We currently have to many locksmiths in our area competing for work as it is and we dominate the area and contracts and we will keep our stance on this. We have tried to launch other locksmith franchises in Gateshead but non have managed to get to the front page of Google due to the competition of multi million pound companies trying to rank on the tops spot.

How can I tell if I have stiff competition?

Its best to call us to have a chat first, we can then find out some information and look at the areas where you will be working and see what your competition is. We wont take on a trainee if we know we cant get them to the point of making money in there area. The higher the population the more money you will make, its quite simple.

Still have questions?

If you have read the Master Locksmith paragraph on our locksmith training page, then read our Business Start Up page and you have read this page fully but still have questions or you are unsure then why not book an appointment, come and see us and the Lock Lab, maybe have a go at picking a lock or two even attend a real job with us to see what its like. Just call us and arrange an appointment.