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How To Set A Locksmith Business | A Simple How To Guide | How To Start A Locksmith Business | Locksmith Training |

How to setup a locksmith business is a simple how to guide that will give you all the information you need to be able to find out if a locksmith business can work for you in the area you live. ONLY £4.99!

This book delves into the side of the locksmith industry that no one everyone talks about before you set up your business such as the pitfalls of locksmithing and dangers. 

In the market today many are offering tools for sale but in reality there are not that many tools you need. I have read online that you need £50.000 set up money to get the business going and much more to keep it going and I call that bull sh#t as you do not. 

You could setup your own locksmith business for around £1800 if you know exactly what to buy for tools and work hard but this book is not just about that, yes we will look at each tool we use along with giving prices and breakdowns of the tools as well as links to the tools but it's also what to avoid such as pick guns, letterbox tool kits, don't get caught in scam tools that we don't actually use!

We will look at all the questions you have about setting up a locksmith business, we even give you ideas on how to find out what your competition are charging their customers, how to find out if they are busy with work and if there is plenty of work in the area. 

We will give you ways to know how big or small your business will be or look at what kind of turn over you will have from an area. We will do our best to answer every question you have before you waste money on "gimmick" locksmith training courses or "scam tools" to make sure you don't waste money along with giving a solid foundation to create a new locksmith business from. 

All The Answers To Your Questions About Setting Up a Locksmiths Business in 8 Easy Chapters!

An age old question that you can now find the answer to on our new ebook, We will look at what our hourly rate is, what charges we add to the bills, how much we make on stock along with profit from jobs.

Some locksmiths earn extremely high wages, more than a neurosurgeon according to one neurosurgeon that I once billed for a job! Others just scrap by chasing their tails, the reason been is sadly this book did not exist then but now we have all the answers to all the questions you want to ask.

  • What is the outlay per month or year to run the business?
  • How much can I earn by becoming a locksmith?
  • What's the cost of setting up the locksmith business? 
  • How much can I charge for doing a locksmith job per hour?
  • What's your hourly rate for working on different locks?

Don't go down the wrong path! Build a Business on a Solid Foundation!

I have seen many locksmiths start out on the wrong path with no real guidance and mixed information from the internet, no one has told them the truth as they all want your money or for you to fail. From "gimmick" training that someone claims you can start a business with just 3 days or 5 days worth of training to tools that you will never use on the actual job that you just don't need. So i decided i need to write a book to help guide new, soon to be locksmiths so they don't make the wrong choices and end there new career before it even starts. 

Many new locksmiths end up with high overheads by letting out shops and low income due to no online knowledge, expensive tools and vehicles with high insurance premiums, business banking accounts with high fees, gimmick tools that are no use or ever get used on real jobs when a set of BBQ skewers for 99p can do the same job as a tool that costs £160. Many new locksmiths end up with excess stock that costs thousands that they will never use and often seen been sold on ebay at a loss only to be sold to another person that has no clue. They get talked into chip and pin machines with high fees, stupid marketing ploys for Google ad campaigns, bad advertising in the wrong places and much more. 

Don't be that guy, have an idea. At the end of a day you cannot build an empire on a sand bank! You need the best solid foundation and if you're about to spend £3000k plus or even £200 on a course then you need this ebook for just £12.99! That's it! Do the groundwork first and make sure you know your target market and that you area, city or town even has one! This book will answer all your questions and more.

Buy Our New eBook Now for Just £4.99 with Instant Access! Read It Today, Get The Answers To Your Questions! 

You don't even need to wait for the postman, once you buy the ebook you will get a link, simply click the link to read the book, all 8 chapters have the information you need to make a informed choice on every aspect of setting up the business. 

  • Just £4.99 for a book that could save you thousands! 
  • Only 8 chapters and easy to read!
  • Full of photos of the tools to help you ID them so you can find them easy! 
  • How to know if a business like this will work where you live!
  • Find out how much we really make per hour!
  • Know how much your competition are making!
  • Find out about the hidden dangers of the job!
  • Buy the new ebook and get discounts on our new video courses (Coming Soon)
  • You will also get this video series on this book for FREE! (Coming Soon)

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