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UPVC Locksmiths in Gateshead, Felling, Deckham, Carr Hill, Sheriff Hill, Low Fell, Allerdene, Eighton Banks, Birtley, Heworth, Leam Lane, Bensham, Saltwell, Dunston, Whickham, Righton, Blaydon, Sunniside, Team Valley, Metrocenter on 24 hour call out with no call out fee or VAT charge! 07525639943.

Taylors locksmiths of Gateshead offer UPVC door lock picking and lock opening, if you are locked out of your UPVC door then call us 24 hours and we will get you in, our lock out costs start at just £55 for the labour fee but we will also beat any price offered and can fit a new British Standard anti snap, anti drill, anti pick and anti bump lock worth £59.99  at any B&Q from £24.99. Our lock change price includes opening any door and fitting plus 1 FREE spare key worth £9 and a FREE door service worth £29.99 all from just £99.99 today!! Valued at over £250 with our locksmiths in Gateshead!

We GUARANTEE to beat any price and no one can offer the quality locks and keys we offer for the price as we have a direct business to business cost and mobile locksmiths that help keep our overheads low which means you save money!

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What is a British Standard Lock and why do you need one?

British Standard is the insurance industry standard for all locks on homes and it is what the best locksmiths use, however there are some that will fit non British standard locks and leave you at risk while charging more for a poor quality lock. This can leave you at a total loss if you needed to make a home insurance claim. Most insurance companies use insurance assessors to see if you can make a claim on your home insurance, so if you spill paint on a carpet or someone burgled your home to having your home burn down and you needed to make a claim on your home insurance then an insurance assessor will come out to view the damage and look at things around your home to see if you have broken there terms and conditions to avoid a pay-out..

Basically an assessors job is to assess the claim and see if it is valid, they will look for “get out clauses” such as all current home insurance states in their terms that you must have British Standard Locks with BSN code or BS3621 code on your locks. (What the AA Home Insurance advise click link)

If you do not have this or have an out of date lock then your home insurance could be void as when you buy it you agree that you have the most current British Standard locks on doors and windows.

This is normally an issue when people buy their home insurance online as most call centre agents will ask you questions about your locks to identify what locks you have. When people buy insurance online they are doing it to save time and never really read the full terms and click away on all boxes without really checking things like locks.

So don’t get caught out and lose everything, for the sake of having a lock upgraded to protect everything you work hard for, call us today and we can keep your home safe.

Gateshead Locksmiths UPVC and Composite Door Locks from £11.99!

Gateshead Locksmiths offer a full UPVC and  Composite door and window lock replacement service in Gateshead and the Tyne and Wear area.

Our Gateshead Locksmiths work on all UPVC and Composite doors and windows from front and back doors, side doors to conservatory UPVC / Composite doors, patio UPVC doors along with UPVC windows.

We offer full lock replacements and upgrades for all UPVC / Composite doors in Gateshead, Newcastle areas.

Gateshead Locksmiths use only the best locks; our standard lock is a Yale BS3621 to meet all home insurance requirements and to make sure you have a quality lock fitted to your home, offering you the best defence in security. Each of our locks comes with 3 keys as standard and we offer a free mechanical service on all UPVC door jobs we take on, this will help maintain your doors gearbox and mechanical working parts, this is available for just £29.99 but it is free with all UPVC lock jobs. (Don't believe us? Then watch this.. View Video)

You can upgrade your UPVC / Composite door locks to an anti snap lock, most common house hold burglaries are committed today by snapping the UPVC and Composite door locks that are fitted in a bad way and it takes criminals around 30 seconds to gain entry to your home and with practice can be achieved in just 13 seconds.

Taylors Locksmiths of Gateshead offer anti snap UPVC door locks along with anti pick and anti bump locks, please just ask about this service and we can price your locks based on your lock needs.

Taylors Locksmiths of Gateshead offer full gearbox replacement and upgrades. Not every door is a simple task of just replacing a lock, a poorly maintained UPVC door will lead to a damaged gearbox and this tends to be the pricy part of the job. We really try to take the sting out of the cost by sourcing the best parts at cost price; we do not add any further charges to our parts unlike other locksmith companies. We will advise on all costs before the job takes place and the price we quote is the price you pay.

UPVC Door Upgrades | Letterbox Fitting | UPVC Door Handle Fitting | UPVC Peep Hole Fitting | UPVC Door Cleaning

Gateshead Locksmiths service offer full UPVC and Composite door upgrades from fitting new letterboxes to adding a letterbox to a new door, adding peep holes to replacing and upgrading all hardware. We also upgrade and change all door handles along with locks and numbers on doors.

We offer a full door refresh package that gives your door a new fresh look, why not change from your old style to the new handles, letterbox and lock along with full door cleaning and mechanical service from as little as £99 for over £350 worth of hardware and labour including all parts and fitting. 

Call Gateshead Locksmiths on 07525639943 for more information on our UPVC and Composite door upgrades.

Gateshead Locksmiths also offer a wooden door refresh package with a new set of handles along with a British Standard lock and 3 keys, door adjustment including all labour and parts from just £75

New UPVC Door Locks from £11.99

UPVC Door Handle Upgrades from £39.99

UPVC Letterbox Fitting from £19.99