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About Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead

Taylors Locksmiths of Gateshead are a third generation family run Gateshead Locksmith Service in Tyne and Wear that have over 70 years of locksmith experience passed from father to son. We started trading in the 1940s and by the 1970s we had our launched our mobile locksmith division and by the the 1980s we had our own locksmith training school. Yet we have remained a family business, sticking to the rules that the late John Taylor created. That we charge what we would expect to pay! 


Gateshead Locksmith Service is how we make a living so we will only give 100% so that you will recommend our service to family and friends. We believe in professionalism, quality work and outstanding customer service on each and every job that we take on. If there is any issue then we will always do everything we can to rectify it. Be it a delayed part or an issue that we personally cant deal with, we always know someone that can get the job done.

We are honest and let people know our prices before we arrive as and where we can and will not carry out any work until the right price is met by popping out and giving you a free no obligation quote.  


Taylors Gateshead Locksmith Service have service history working with B&Q, Gateshead council, National Careers Service, Changing Lives, NHS Facilities Teams, Sunderland council, Mears, Northumbria Police, Fire Service and Ambulance, Metcom Training, The A.A Home Insurance, Port of Tyne, PUB Wise, Sky Call Centre,  Newcastle Glass and UPVC, Blackberry Estates, Janet Fraser, Gordon Brown Estate Agents, Fraser Lake Jewellers, Unity Letting, Carousel Estate Agents, Gateshead Building Services, Alone in the Dark Entertainment, Newcastle Castle Keep Project, Metro Centre, Fighters Only Magazine, ITV  and the BBC plus many more. We are trusted by the biggest names in many industries because of our professionalism, level of skill and team.


Taylors Gateshead Locksmith Service take pride in our work and make sure all of our locksmiths have a passed the UK’s only Guild of Master Locksmithing course to a level 4 award and has a minimum of 10 years of service in the industry before they can become a Taylors Locksmith head locksmith. Each locksmith is fully CRB / DBS checked to the highest standard and we carry a £4.000.000 liability insurance cover to make sure if something does go wrong we have you covered. You can read more about our awards below!



Each of our locksmiths carry full ID and each locksmith has a ID number, you can call our manager direct on 07525639943 to confirm the ID of your locksmith of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK which the locksmith ID also has the contact details for printed on the ID. 


Steve our manager is also out and about fitting locks too, we all work, we don’t just sit in an office, each one of us are out and about each day, that’s why we don’t have a land line, its needless expense and we don’t man an office as a 24 hour office would hike up our prices, we also don’t offer a shop service as we are a mobile company, working from our vans and this helps keep our locksmith pricing down.


We also offer a “flying locksmith” service; this is a motorcycle rider who is a locksmith and can get through traffic fast and get to your emergency locksmith issues as soon as possible. We also offer a 4x4 off road access for remote work and getting to people when we have deep snow or flooding.


So give us a call today, let’s see if we can help in anyway. Call Steve Taylor, manager on 07525639943 or email Gateshead Locksmith Service at 

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Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead, 3rd generation master locksmith business, over 70 years of locksmith service. Taylors ,
Master Locksmith Steve Taylor for Taylors Locksmiths and Gateshead LOCKSMITH Training give
Why Choose Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead Locksmith Service

Taylors Locksmiths of Gateshead was founded in 1948 by the late John Taylor and eventually his 2 sons and it is now owned and operated by his grandson Steve Taylor since 2013. Steve along with his wife Jill and there fantastic team of locksmiths and fitters, CCTV installers, boarding and glazers now over see the operation of the business with over 30 staff based in the Northeast from locksmiths to locksmith trainers and more.

Taylors Locksmiths has gone through many changes in its time, from a small shop where Argos now stands to becoming mobile locksmiths by the 1970s  with our little yellow vans with Taylor and Son's Locksmiths written on the side in a brown and green branding. Very 1970s style. Over the years we had small market stalls cutting keys to almost becoming obsolete once the late John Taylor, the founder was ill. It was at a time when Steven had left University and was struggling to find work in the Northeast. John also known as Grandpa sold the idea to Steven that with his skills of web design, business management and of course his skills as a locksmith as Steven has worked with his dad Julian since he was 11 years old, helping out by the time he was 13 he was working the weekends in the shop, it was his first job when he left school in 1995 before going to collage and on to university where he studied business. John convinced Steven that he could run the business. Steve Taylor took over the business in 2013 and launched its first website. That Website served us well until August 2023 when the provider went out of business and this new website was launched. Under the management of Steven. The business now has a team of 4 master locksmiths, 19 head locksmiths and engineers along with one of the oldest locksmith training companies in the UK that has taught locksmithing since 1981 known as Gateshead Locksmith Training. 


Today, Taylors Locksmiths are focused on providing a fast and cost effective local locksmith service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations at a price that you will be happy with, with the lowest prices in the Tyne and Wear area with no call out fees or VAT charges. John always said "only charge what you would expect to pay". That's still our motto to this day. You can see more of this in awards below!


With a variety of locksmith skills, boarding, glazing, new doors fitted, CCTV to handyman and rubbish removal, we’re sure we will be able to take care of all your homes needs and you’ll be happy with our work, we as a small local family business understand how important word of mouth is so we offer only the best service each and every time. 


We offer a full residential locksmith and UPVC service on multi point doors. Meaning 90% of locksmiths will walk away from dead locked complete failed doors and windows but Taylors specialise in technical multi point, UPVC entry, high security entry and so much more. 


We have a full 24 hour service for both locksmithing and boarding in Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Guild of Master Locksmiths UK, a master locksmith business, vetted by the GMLUK logo, badge, approved locksmith, MASTER ,
Safe Contractor Approved UK Scheme badge by the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK. Gateshead Locksmith Service, Taylors Locksmith
LTTA Certified locksmith badge by the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK. Gateshead Locksmith Service, Taylors Locksmith
Locksmith excellence AWARD STAMP and badge LTEA award, GMLUK, Guild of Master Locksmiths
LBMTC Certification in locksmith business management, consumer law,  locksmith training, start a locksmith business
Safe contractor UK badge for Taylors Locksmiths, Gateshead locksmith service
We are Fully Trained and we are Training Provider! We carry the highest security level clearance in the UK!

Gateshead Locksmith Service also known as Taylor Locksmiths are all fully trained to the highest level of locksmith training n the UK. 

We are part of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK, A Trade and Training Association are a non profit guild that was created to help maintain fair business ethics for local locksmith businesses in the Northeast of England and throughout the UK. Each of the guild registered locksmiths have the same prices, skill sets and work together to make our business fair and equal for all locksmiths in the guild and do our best to prevent criminals who operate crooked locksmith business, and take advantage of the general public.

We are fully awarded with the S.C.A.UK Scheme. The S.C.A.UK membership scheme offers an all-inclusive health and safety, insurance regulations, legal and business ethics solution designed to meet our unique needs as locksmiths who the public can trust. By becoming a S.C.A.UK member which means we have been fully trained business regulations, in home and business insurance, fire rated law, consumer law and more along with regular updates on regulation and changes to the UK law. We have gone through our strict vetting criteria and under go a DBS Data Barring Service Check then they can opt into also being independently check by the UK Government. Vetting is delivered by United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV), which is part of the Cabinet Office Government Security Group and the Government Security Function.

S.C.A.UK Criteria: 

  • You must have undergone BMTA (Business Management Training Award) course through a LTTA accredited trainer. Along with all of the courses required in the S.C.A.UK Scheme, such as health and safety, risk assessment training, customer care, marketing training and have the correct policies and procedures in place for your business along with business insurance, public liability insurance cover and be DBS /CRB background checked which needs to be verified and checked before they can train as a locksmith.

  • The business must also be registered with the company's house

  • It must have the correct Data Protection in place and have been fully trained in DPA. 

  • To achieve the S.C.A.UK badge each locksmith has undergone a detailed verification – verifying both their identity and trading address, insurance and certification of insurance.

  • They are fully trained in consumer law and how it applies to contracts made in your home or on your doorstep for quoted work.

  • They are fully insured, to industrial and legal standards – verified by the relevant documents from the insurance provider.

  • Have up to date professional qualifications and accreditations – verified by relevant documents and our own records. The only people that can carry the S.C.A.UK badge will have gone through their entire training process under the GMLUK advisory and LTTA trainer. 

  • We check their reviews to make sure that they are meeting a high standard, that they are not paying for reviews in any way. We will also contact the reviewers to make sure the locksmith meets our ethics and practices. 

  • They are willing to be checked by our Business Ombudsman who will carry out checks or complaints into S.C.A.UK registered locksmiths.

  • We also work with a 3rd party company with over 40 years of service in the door and window industry. If there has been a complaint against a locksmith's work and S.C.A.UK badge holder then we will pay to have the 3rd party investigator look into the work that has been carried out and assess the issue and further action will be taken if needed. 

  • Each badge holder understands the weight that this badge now carries. To be able to earn it takes time, takes training and study. Its not just a case of handing over some documents to be checked, vetted and signing some terms and conditions and paying a fee. Its about education and earning the right to hold this badge and certification for completion of the S.C.A.UK award. Its a badge and award that is earned and the locksmith has to undertake multiple exams. 

Gateshead Locksmith Service have been awarded all 3 awards for our service in the locksmith industry known as the L.T.E.A certification, the Locksmith Trade & Excellence Award which takes 9 years to achieve with each award being issued every 3 years and must meet a strict criteria that looks at our customer satisfaction, reviews, pricing, warranties and much more. We carry all 3 levels of the L.T.E.A Certification and the prestige's Master Locksmith award which can only be earned from being in business for over a decade with a turn over of £100.000 which shows satisfaction based on the level of work achieved. 

The criteria of the LTEA Certification


  1. The locksmith must be a GMLUK full member.

  2. The locksmith must have been trained under a LTTA certified instructor.

  3. The locksmith must have gone through the Locksmith Business Development Award.

  4. The locksmith must hold a level 4 award before they can enter this program. Which is 12 months of training. 36 weeks to achieve a level 3 award and a full year to achieve the level 4 award.

  5. They must achieve a 5 star review status in the first 3 years of trading. This must also include proof of skills, such as photos of work, video of work, reviews from genuine providers such as Google. We will also look at 10 random reviews and make contact with 10 customers to find out about the work carried out, the pricing and much more!

  6. The locksmith must meet GMLUK's pricing criteria which means not using call out fees, making sure the hourly rate is met and is not under the minimum pay required in our locksmith field of work.

  7. The locksmith must have supplied full warranties with all work on each job.

  8. They must show a high level of skill, using more technical techniques over forced entry and drilling.

  9. They must show an exemplary level of time management.

  10. They must show a exemplary level of customer care and satisfaction .

  11. They must show fair marketing, meeting UK consumer law requirements.

  12. They must have kept up there public liability insurance. 

  13. They must have attended any further qualification enhancement or training the GMLUK have advised or updated. 

  14. They must have a 100% score on the S.C.A.UK which is the Safe Contractor Approved rating and scheme. This is in relation to security checks and the strict vetting criteria and under go a DBS Data Barring Service Check then they can opt into also being independently check by the UK Government. Vetting is delivered by United Kingdom Security Vetting (UKSV), which is part of the Cabinet Office Government Security Group and the Government Security Function which also allows for this enhanced award.

  15. The board of the Guild of Master Locksmiths UK will also vote on this award and the locksmith or business will require 100% of the vote to be able to achieve this award. 

Jill Taylor, Taylors Locksmith, Gateshead Locksmith Service.

Jill Taylor - Office Manager, accounts and finance

CCTV fitting, Sunderland, Simon Collie Locksmith. Gateshead,

Simon - CCTV Specialist, Access Control and Locksmith

Steve Taylor, Gateshead Locksmith Services Manager , Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead

Steve Taylor - Master Locksmith, 3rd generation, owner and manager

Ryan, Locksmith for Taylors Locksmiths Logo, branding, Gateshead Locksmith Service

Ryan - Locksmith and Fitter

Russel, Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead Locksmith, Locksmith in Gateshead.

Russell - Glazing, Boarding, door and window fitter and Locksmith out of hours

Winlock Locksmiths Durham, Chester Le Street locksmith lock pick, locksmith, upvc.

Simon - UPVC, Composite Door and Window Specialist and Locksmith. 

Locksmith Tom for Taylors Locksmiths Logo, branding, Gateshead Locksmith Service

Tom - Locksmith, fitter and hardware specialist.

Andy, Locksmith with Gateshead Locksmiths Taylors Tyne and Wear.

Andy - High Security Specialist, Forensic Locksmith and Master Picker. 

Locksmith Tariq in Uniform, Gateshead Locksmith, Taylors Locksmiths employee, staff member, Newcastle Locksmith

Tariq - Out of Hours Emergency Locksmith Gateshead and Newcastle

Kim, locksmith Gateshead Taylors Locksmiths

Kim - Locksmith, Technical Entry Specialist, Health and Safety.

Locksmith Service Locations

Locksmith Gateshead, Carr Hill Road
Locksmith Gateshead, Millway
Locksmith Birtley, High Street
Locksmith Washington, Swan Road
Locksmith Sunderland, Seaburn
Locksmith Sunderland, Hall Farm
Locksmith Durham, Chester Le Street
Locksmith Newcastle, Fenham
Locksmith Northumberland, Bedlington
Locksmith Northumberland, Newbiggin

Taylors Locksmiths are a Mobile Locksmith Service in Gateshead but Cover Most of the Northeast


51 Carr Hill Road, Gateshead

Tyne and Wear




Meet our Taylors Locksmiths, Gateshead Locksmith Service Team

At Taylors Locksmiths in Gateshead we have a full team of experts from retired police officers to ex military defence contractors through to high security experts and master locksmiths. Our team you see here are just the faces of each team or van and behind these guys are our valued employees who are out there dealing with drunk people who have lost keys to crime scenes with police and fire services through to dealing with evictions and more. Each one is a valued member with decades of skill and time served. When you book a locksmith or specialist with Taylors, you are paying for these skills, the time and training, the knowledge and expertise along with many skills and tools each locksmith is equipped with. However, even though we are ever growing, we are local business, run by a local family. Its us you speak to one the phone, not a call centre, its our team that comes out to you when you need us the most!

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