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Locksmith Near Me, Gateshead Locksmith?

Your locksmiths near me is Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead who have worked Gateshead and the Tyne and Wear, Newcastle area  since 1948. We are a 3rd generation master locksmith service with low pricing and quality work! 


If you are looking for a low cost local Locksmiths in Gateshead, Springwell or Washington Tyne and Wear, then you have the right place. 


Taylors Locksmiths are based in Gateshead (Low Fell) but have a locksmith in Carr Hill up to Springwell,  Dunston, and Bensham, Blyth and we have Simon over in Washington covering Birtley that specialises in all locksmith services in Tyne and Wear.

We offer a low price locksmith service in Gateshead that could save you over £100 or more on our competitor’s prices.


Our prices start at just £54.99 for a mobile locksmith near by in  Gateshead and for a locksmith near me for all of your residential locksmith needs and £64.99 for business locksmiths known as commercial locksmith service near me. We are also an after hours locksmith service offering a 24 hour locksmith near me then call Taylors on 07525639943 0r text us on the same number.  locksmith cost


We can repair locks, replace locks and upgrade locks from door locks, French door locks, patio door locks, window locks, garage door locks, mortise locks on wooden doors, night latch locks, Yale locks and many more.


Taylors Locksmiths are also skilled lock pickers and offer a 24 hour emergency call out service that will get you in to your home or business, so if you are searching for a locksmith near me then you have found the best Emergency locksmith near me.

Call us today on 07525639943 for a locksmith no obligation quote.

UPVC door servicing Taylors Locksmiths Logo, branding, Gateshead Locksmith Service
Taylors Locksmiths Logo, branding, Gateshead Locksmith Service


24 Hour Service

Local in NE95LQ

Low Cost


Residential Locksmith Service in Gateshead Tyne and Wear | Pricing | Types of Locks | Cost of a Locksmith in Gateshead

Euro Cylinder Lock - Commonly found on UPVC doors!
Lock change Gateshead from £54.99, cylinder lock, gold lock, lock and keys, Gateshead Locksmith Service

The cylinder lock is found on many residential doors doors and garage doors. However it can be a minefield for a customer to replace them themselves, they are all different sizes, with different insurance rated specifications and online retailers can often sell fake locks, miss sized locks that can leave your home insurance policy void. These locks can cost from £11 for none British Standard up to £280 for a high end high security cylinder. The majority of homes in Gateshead use a British Standard cylinder at a cost of around £25 to £30.

Multi Pont Mech - Commonly found on UPVC doors!
gearbox, upvc door lock Taylors Locksmiths Logo, branding, Gateshead Locksmith Service

Multi point mechanism also known as a gearbox is the main part of all UPVC, composite doors and drives the hooks and bolts. The lock or cylinder is a separate item to this part. This is the part that the handles operate. If your door has dropped or has become hard

to use then this will be the part that is effected, These parts today are often replaced and not repaired. You need a good deal of training to be able to deal with the fitting and adjustment of these parts, so its best to always use a locksmith for the replacement. Never try it yourself as it will cost you more money when you make the situation worse and the locksmith has to spend hour sorting out your issue. Normally these can be opened and replaced within the hour. They cost anything from £28 to £250 depending on make and model.

Garage Door Locks - Found of the majority of older garages
garage door lock, Gateshead Locksmiths, replace this lock from just £69 including labour!

These locks are found on garage doors throughout the Tyne and Wear area and we will charge around £44.99 to gain entry and if you needed a new one fitted then they are from around £14 for us to buy, so expect to pay around £65 total depending on make and model

Mortise Door Lock - Common in wooden doors!
Mortise lock Taylors Locksmiths Logo, branding, Gateshead Locksmith Service

These mortise locks are a pain for locksmith to deal with, most of us hate dealing them as they are difficult to work on, they are extremely hard to pick open with a very high skill level required. It takes around 3000 hours 

of practice to be able to turn up to a random door with no lock brand ID and to be able to use speciality tools to open these locks. The tools alone are in the £1000s of pounds for all the different variants to buy. Then add in the fact we are on our knees for up to an hour or more in the cold, dark wet, with a customer that wants to be in fast. It all adds pressure as we are listening for small scrapes and clicks inside the lock. For this reason most locksmiths will charge £80 plus for entry. But expect to pay around £120 to £180 for entry and new lock fitted. Once the door is open the locksmith then may have to work on the wood, resizing the mortice hole and using fillers, paints etc. 

Locksmith Near Me | Locksmith Gateshead | Local Locksmith | Gateshead | Locksmith | Locksmith Service | Taylors Locksmiths | Tyne and Wear

If your looking for a locksmith near me, the you have found Gateshead's oldest family run locksmith business. Taylors Locksmiths who was established in 1948 by the late John Taylor before passing to his son Julian and then to Julian's son Steven Taylor who is the current owner of Taylors Locksmiths with his son who will be the 4th generation of locksmiths in Gateshead.

Its important to find a local trustworthy locksmith service in Gateshead, so if your searching online for a locksmith near me then you need to choose a local business. Choose Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead who offer a 24 hour emergency locksmith service from just £54.99. We do NOT use call out fees and we only charge parts at cost price to ourselves. 

Below are our rough price guides that gives you and idea of costs. To break it down, just look at the table below, chose your guide, residential or commercial. For residential you will either have a multi-point locking door where you lift the handle to lock it or you don't. Many do NOT understand or know what a multi-point lock is, so we break it down as UPVC. Composite are generally a multi-point locking door. A wood door generally will have a mortice and night latch.

Residential Locksmith

Labour fee of £54.99 or if multiple hours priced by the job!

UPVC door lock, Style 3

1 x lock with 3 - 5 keys from £24.99 - £34.99 with a free door service worth £29.99 with all lock changes!

Commercial Locksmith

Labour fee of £64.99 or if multiple hours, priced by the job!

Wooden Door - Mortise Style 2

1 x lock with 2 keys, any fillers paints, varnishes of materials from £24.99. Spare keys from £2 each!

Out of Hours Service Locksmith

5pm - 10pm time and half

10pm - 9am double rate

Multi Point Mech

Door Mechs from £28 up to £250 depending in brand, sizing make and model. Learn more here!

Which lock do you have, easy price guide. Gateshead locksmiths, Taylors Locksmiths

Let Taylors Locksmiths, Gateshead Locksmith Service know which lock style you have.


Style 1 Rim Cylinder - Rim Cylinder Locks are mostly found on wooden doors and most people refer to them as Yale locks although there are many other brands available. We supply the lock for £19.99 with 3 keys. The inside component, the latch system is priced at £24.99 with all fittings if required but most of the time its a lock change on these locks or a bypass entry if your locked out. If you are locked out of a rim cylinder lock then we charge a standard labour fee of £54.99 to gain entry.

Style 2 A Mortice Lock - Mortise locks are mostly found on wooden doors, there are two styles of mortise lock, a version with handles known as a sash lock which has a latch and a dead bolt and is operated by a turning a handle and key or the dead lock only version which has no handle that that is turned, it may have a pull handle but it is operated by a key only. These are a pain in the backside to gain entry to, it takes a high degree of skill or and some very expensive tools to gain entry. These are the most secure locks in the UK. We are charge £54.99 for gaining entry but it can take multiple hours if the lock need changing as sometime the modern locks are smaller than older locks and we need to do wood work to fill the locks hole, use filler, paints or varnish. We will always quote before dealing with these style of locks due to there difficulty rating, type of door etc.  


Style 3 a Euro Cylinder -  Cylinder locks are found on UPVC, Composite and Metal doors. These vary in security levels from low none British Standard locks from just £15 to British Standard insurance compliant locks from £24.99 to high security locks, 1 star locks from £34.99 and 3 star rates locks from £54.99, diamond rated locks such as Ultion etc are from £180 up. If you have an Ultion then  Taylors have a dedicated tool set to dealing with Ultion locks as they are the most secure lock in the UK but when they go wrong, they really go wrong. If you use the wrong locksmith and they snap that lock or trigger the built in lock down mode then you maybe looking at getting the door cut out of its frame and new door fitted! So make the correct choose first and choose a company that understands these locks and hardware and actually delivers courses in dealing with high security lock entry which is ourselves. 


If your unsure which lock you have you can call our locksmith on 07525639943.

  • Lost House Keys from £74.99 entry & new lock

  • House Lockout Gateshead £54.99

  • Change Locks Gateshead from £74.99 for 2 for £99

  • Lock Repair Gateshead from £44.99

  • Rekey Gateshead £89.99

  • New Lock Installation Gateshead from £79.99

  • Safe Opening and Fitting Service £54.99

  • Storage Lockout Gateshead from £44.99

  • Entry Door Locks Gateshead from £54.99

  • Mailbox Locks Replaced and Opened Gateshead from £64.99

  • Window Locks Replaced and Opened Gateshead from £64.99

  • Garage Door Locks Replaced and Opened Gateshead from £74.99

  • Gate Locks Replaced and Opened Gateshead from £119.99

  • UPVC doors & Window Repair Gateshead from £54.99

  • UPVC Hinge replacement and Servicing Gateshead from £69.99

  • Composite Door Lock Replacement, Opening Gateshead from £54.99

  • Multi Point Mechanism Expert, Repair or Replaced from £89.99

  • Digital Door Locks, Key Safes Fitted and Opened from £79.99

  • Broken Key Extraction Gateshead from £44.99

Locksmith Tom for Taylors Locksmiths Logo, branding, Gateshead Locksmith Service
CONSUMER experience award GMLUK. Gateshead Locksmith Service, winner, award, CX, trusted locksmith, Tyne and Wear

24/7 Emergency Residential Locksmith Services in Gateshead Tyne and Wear, Covering Newcastle to Sunderland!

Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead Locksmith Service are on call 24 hours for all emergency locksmith work. If you are locked out or locked in then you can call Taylors 24hrs on the number below. We cover the following areas in the Tyne and Wear area.

Taylors Residential Emergency Locksmith Service Covers:  Felling, Deckham, Carrhill, Sheriff Hill, Low Fell, Allerdene, Eighton Banks, Wrekenton, Birtley, Heworth, Leam Lane, Bensham, Saltwell, Dunston, Whickham, Ryton, Blaydon, Newcastle, Bedlington, Wallsend, North Shields, Tynemouth, Sunderland, Washington, South Shields, Whitley Bay, Durham and surrounding areas. 

Contact your local Gateshead locksmith Service now!
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