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Taylors Locksmiths, Gateshead Locksmiths Happy Customers!

Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead pride ourselves on having happy customers that are so happy there willing to pose for a photo with a BIG thumbs up to help you see that they are happy with the pricing, service, quality of work that Taylors Locksmiths offer our customers in Gateshead and the Tyne and Wear area.

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Locked out at 2 in the morning !!!

Nothing worse than being locked out at night! Well never fear as Taylors Locksmiths are near! See what I did there. I made us sound like a super hero! That's because we are in our own way. In this case Keith and his family were locked out, but inside was his wife medication and she needed it fast. We beat the ambulance service to the door, got it opened and he got the medication to his wife.

Once she had her diabetes medication, the ambulance stood down and we saved the day!

That's how you get a BIG thumbs up at 2am in the morning after they have returned home from holiday but lost there keys! Keith paid a total of £90 at 2am to gain entry with no call out fee and no VAT charge!

Joan had 3 locks changed for £99 in Gateshead, Gateshead Locksmith Service!
Joan had 3 locks changed for £99!

Above you can see Joan who moved into her new home in Gateshead and needed 3 door locks changing. She rang us for a quote and we said we could do all 3 door locks, including labour for £99 and we have each door a service and alignment worth £29.99 each door for FREE and she got a free spare key for each door worth £6 each!!

But Joan had called around and found most locksmiths in Gateshead wanted over £180 to fit 3 locks with VAT charges on top. That's why Joan is happy and giving us the BIG thumbs up!

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We saved this customer over £380!!!

Above another super happy Taylors Locksmiths customer that required 4 locks changing on her home after she had a burglary. She called Taylors who changed all 4 locks for only £125 and that price included labour a labour charge of only £44.99 and we serviced each door worth £29.99 each and she got a FREE spare key worth £6 for each lock! Other Gateshead Locksmiths had quoted over £250 for the same work with one company even trying to con the lady by saying she had to change a full mechanism as she had one key which she had lost! Which was incorrect and they tried to rip her off by over £500!

We could keep going with hundreds of photos like this of local people in our local Gateshead community that have used Taylors Locksmiths. We believe a photo of a BIG thumbs up beats any online review and that is because it can't be faked unlike the majority of locksmiths who advertise in Gateshead who have bought reviews online!

If your looking for a trusted local Gateshead locksmith services then give Taylors Locksmiths a call on 07525639943.

Taylors Locksmiths, Mobile Locksmith Service in Gateshead Tyne and Wear, based in Carrhil Road and Millway Gateshead NE9. WWW.TAYLORSLOCKSMITHS.CO.UK

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