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Welcome to Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead New Website!

Taylors Locksmith, a Local Family Locksmith Business Since 1948

If you have never heard of or used Taylors Locksmiths Gateshead then let me, (Steve Taylor) welcome you to our family operated locksmith business and let me introduce myself. I am the 3rd operator of Taylors, being the grandson of the late John Taylor who started our family business. I am a 3rd generation master locksmith and I grew up in a locksmith family. I have been working with my family and playing with locks since I was a small child. Now in my 40s I am the manager for Taylors and our team of 10 staff and I am also the manager for Gateshead Locksmith Training .

Steve Taylor Master Locksmith Training, Teaching NHS, Facilities
Steve Taylor hosting Training for NHS Facilities

I took over the business in 2013 and moved into a fully mobile locksmith business working mostly through online trade. Today we have locksmiths throughout the Northeast along with glazing, boarding, window and door fitting, access control and CCTV installation and of course our locksmith training facility.

Steve and Jill Enjoy as Coffee from the Office!
Steve and Jill Enjoy as Coffee from the Office!

Our family locksmith business was first founded in 1948 by my late grandpa John Taylor after he left the military and seen a need for a locksmith in Gateshead. In 1981 John and his sons Julian and Andrew launched Taylors Locksmith Training.

Today I am at the helm of Taylors Locksmith along with my wife Jill with our amazing team.

Why a NEW Website!

Our old website provider has sadly gone out of business. We have been with since 2009 and ranked on the top of Google for the search terms Locksmith Gateshead and Gateshead Locksmith but sadly after 15 years we have had to build a whole new fresh website. This is good and bad. One its good because the user, you guys gets a much easier website experience but we had had to have a whole new site built and let me tell you, they are not cheap at just under £10k. So please feel free to use our service! ;)

Your Local Gateshead Locksmith!

Happy customer, gives the BIG thumbs up for Taylors Locksmiths!
Happy customer, gives the BIG thumbs up for Taylors Locksmiths!

Taylors Locksmiths have always prided ourselves in making sure we work with our community in Gateshead, that we deliver the best service possible as we understand the power of word of mouth. We are always recommended by our customers and strive to deliver the best service possible at the best price possible. Our labour fees are half that of what our competitors charge. We will never use a call out fee as that in our eyes is theft, its a rip off. I would not like to pay a call out fee so we will never charge one, my grandpa always said "son charge what you would expect to pay". This is what Taylors stand by today. Many locksmiths operate in Gateshead and the Tyne and Wear area and sadly many are crooks. Only a handful are genuine locksmiths. We charge from £44,99 for labour fees with the majority charging £65 to £90 per hour. We tend to charge for the job if its more than 1 hour. We also never charge a call out fee or VAT where others will.

Parts at Cost Price!

Taylors always deliver the best in pricing and that also comes down to our parts. When we fit a part or order a part for your door or window its genera

A Multi Point Mechanism from £28
A Multi Point Mechanism from £28

lly at cost price. That's cost to us. We don't but a lock for 75p each like B&Q then retail them at £59.99 to the public. When we buy a lock from a supplier we will make sure we cover our costs, fuel, admin etc but the lock will come at what it costs us. That's how we keep our pricing down. If as lock costs us £15 to buy then it will sell at cost for around £18 to you guy

s, where other locksmiths will but it for £15, add £15 known as the recoup price and then add another £15 known as profit, making that lock retail for £45 per lock! Now if this is a more expensive part like a mechanism then they will charge up to £600 for a part that costs £28 at cost! Shopping local with a business like Taylors Locksmiths, then you know this wont happen!

Real Reviews from Real People!

This is why we get the best and most genuine reviews on our Google business page. We have over 30 real reviews by real people. We do not buy fake reviews. Real reviews are hard to achieve with most customers promising to leave a review but we understand that once we have left the job, real life takes over and the lock out etc has already delayed a busy day. So when you see 200+ reviews on a locksmiths page, question then and simply look at the names of the reviews. Real reviews should have multiple reviews as you can see below!

A  REAL review from one of our customers!
A REAL review from one of our customers!

So if you need a local locksmith then call us today on 07525639943 or feel free to email us

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